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1 As the place was really his gig we could n't use it without him We 'd been talking about it for ages — and Bernie was always badgering us about it — but we 'd not really done anything about it .
2 is the knowledge that if er , we 'd been talking about them two hundred and fifty years ago we 'd be put on trial and probably burnt to death .
3 We 'd been talking about getting married for quite a while , ’ said Nicky .
4 Milly said cos we 'd been talking about this all day and they , the children had been saying to John you gon na have a picture of yourself in Where 's the Wally thing ?
5 Do you want the rest of the world to say the British are so aggressive that they need the sort of controls we 've been talking about ?
6 ‘ I mean , all this we 've been talking about .
7 But I ca n't see in the long run that it would make any difference to what we 've been talking about , seeing who Maggie is .
8 But do n't lets knock it to death do n't lets kick it this place saved my life I almost killed myself trying to fulfil those that we 've been talking about .
9 We 've been talking about the events in Beirut . ’
10 Pretty silly , because you have n't done that piece of work , so perhaps what you would like to do if you would like to follow it with us , then I will give you back , I think I might have your survey here , and you can at least see what we 've been talking about and then on that we can write absent for this piece of work , does that make sense , good .
11 You know , I 'd like to ask a question , why is it so , why is it so frightening to spoil yourself ? , why is it such a , a wrong thing to spoil yourself , erm we 've been talking about make up we 've been talking about
12 You know , I 'd like to ask a question , why is it so , why is it so frightening to spoil yourself ? , why is it such a , a wrong thing to spoil yourself , erm we 've been talking about make up we 've been talking about
13 That 's two different kinds of love though then , love , loving your neighbour I suppose is the widest sense and er and the love between a parent and child , are those more recognisable as , as true love if you like than the kind of romantic love , sexual love that we 've been talking about , yes
14 Yeah I 'm , I 'm interested that that so many of you go from love to marriage as er swiftly as the horse and carriage similarly would suggest , I mean it , every one 's experience of love is , is different , every body here is , we 've been talking about love between er men and women , but there 's also love between women and women which we have n't talked about at all .
15 we 've been talking about individuals and what they want , and we live in a context in which if people want a thing and the , and we feel that they should have the choice particularly if they have the money that if to , if you look at it in a wider context there are seven million children living on the streets in Brazil !
16 I was just gon na say , we 've been talking about equality a lot tonight
17 well needs a I think one of the things we discussed in the branch action group meeting is actually , were n't quite sure what the cos we 'd been sending out for quite less than ten of the branches because to do something to them which was mm apparently lots of them in but erm well they keep disappearing so that the what we 've been talking about is to try and get some points erm health and safety station within the branch , which actually just has all this stuff for it .
18 Jesus had had many interviews with people , we 've looked at some of them over these past few weeks , the time when he met with Nicademus , the religious leader , the time he went out of his way to meet with a woman of Semaria in her dyer need , the other occasion that we looked at er a week or so back when he called Anzakias from that tree of which he was hiding , last week his judge , pilot , but of all those interviews and as many others that we have n't looked at this surely must be one of the strangest as Jesus himself is in the process of dying and as he is dying he is confronted with another person who has a need , but Jesus your need is as greatest as any body elses , your pain , your suffering , your physical suffering was every bit of great as those around you , why be bothered with others is n't that so often our story , when we are in need we can forget all about other people , it does n't matter there need , its poor me , what about me , what about my need , what about my requirements , what about my suffering , but we see here how Jesus apart from any thing else deals with his own suffering , he deals with it by ministering to the needs of other people , and this surely then must be one of the most strange and one of the most interviews that our lord ever had when he was here on earth , with this dying thief , but he was more than a thief he was a er , he was a re a rebel , he was a terrorist or a freedom fighter depending on which way you wanted to look at it and he was dying for his crimes and he was n't alone because there there was this man we 've been talking about , there was Jesus and there was another one , another criminal on the other side and we find that this is all in keeping with what god had promised , all there in , in line with his prophecy way back in Iziah chapter fifty three , it tells us that he was numbered with the transgressors , that he died with sinful men with , with law breakers and here it is its happening right in front of the , the very eyes of the Jewish leaders and the jewish authorities our lords intention in coming into the world was to save men and women , to seek out and to save sinners , remember thirty odd years previous to this event the word had come , for Mary his mother , to Joseph , we will call his name Jesus because he will save his people from their sins and later on writing to Timothy the apostle Paul in the first chapter of the first book in verse fifteen he says it is a trust worthy statement deserving full acceptance that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners , this was his purpose , this was his reason for coming into the world , not to be a good man , not to be a , a great leader , not to give us some model that we can , you know , that we can plan our life out and try and live up to his standards , he says I 've come to give my life as a ransom , I have come to save and to seek that which was lost and here in this incident as he himself is dying and is in physical pain and torment he is carrying out this very work , of seeking out and saving of those who will turn to him , those who will put their trust in him , he is saving the lost , and we see in a wonderful how great the compassion of Jesus was and is , in reaching out and rescuing those who are lost , here we see our lord suffering the most terrible agony and yet in the midst of his own sorrow and pain and , and torment he thinks of this dying thief and extends his grace and mercy to him .
19 But to be honest it is a good way of focusing in on what you what we 've been talking about tonight and if you can I think it would be worthwhile doing as part of your preparation to help you to think .
20 It 's pretty big too because we 've been talking about women .
21 Well I suppose i it means that you know the difference between right and wrong cos we 've only been We 've been talking about it further up have n't we ?
22 But it 's in having said that it 's an interesting fact that the knitted fabric as such we know , is a warm sort of comfortable fabric and it 's obviously used in where I call the , the cold climes , and that , that 's why it 's developed in the very areas we 've been talking about .
23 Right or the other shapes we 've been talking about .
24 Well to make that sort of revenue they will actually need to fly rather more than two million passengers a year , and in the present state of the world aviation market I reckon that 's quite a tall order , in fact if they fell short of it by five percent in a particular year that would be capable of using up the kind of capital and reserves which we 've been talking about .
25 Yes , well this is , this is one of the er , categories that we 've been talking about .
26 What do you think about this statue and all these trees we 've been talking about the ones around by Marks and Spencers yes ?
27 On one level there 's this analogy , this pattern about history that we 've been talking about but er is Freud 's attempt to explain Jewish er culture in terms of a , of a general pattern of history , of course there are many other examples and Mike has suggested a brilliant one here .
28 Actually give people chance to try what we 've been talking about .
29 Now making these points to and then to go backwards still about what we 've been talking about and that is it 's the same with the opera and what you were saying about Harry Enfield and everything else , that you can an and Billy Connolly , you can bring certain groups of people into areas where they would n't previously have been , but you will not necessarily take them on the next leaf so for example , this is all gon na sound snobby and I 'm sorry but you know I mean a lot of people like Gilbert and Sullivan for example , but will not move on to Bizet or whatever it is and will never do that and I mean I have a problem with that I mean it , to me it 's not we 're not it 's just reality , but we have to understand that I mean we have to understand that in the context of sponsorship
30 My fear Mr Chairman was that the very we 've been talking about can be weeks or months
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