Example sentences of "can be convert to [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Once the hydrogen is produced it can be converted to other fuel forms such as methanol .
2 This is a means whereby analogue signals like guitar , vocals etc. can be converted to digital and inputted to computer storage , to be sequenced and looped or whatever digital hocus pocus takes your fancy .
3 Test scores can be converted to standardised scores ( mean= 100 ; standard deviation= 15 ) to age equivalents or to percentile ranks .
4 I would like to know if the machine can be converted to full time four wheel drive , There are no real advantages to permanent four wheel drive but , if you wish to , use the transfer box from a 1948–50 Series One .
5 The black-and-white images can be converted to false colour by computer , which looks much prettier , and is easier to interpret by eye , although it does n't really give more information .
6 When batches are large , overall throughput will be much improved if any runs can be converted to batched and sorted operations .
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