Example sentences of "can be subject to [adj] " in BNC.

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1 The Scottish National party has made its view perfectly clear on many occasions and I reiterate that view this evening : radioactive material , whether it be spent nuclear fuel or waste , should be stored above ground , on site , where it can be subject to close inspection .
2 as if to demonstrate the facility with which word-processed text can be subject to systematic manipulation , Perry repeats an entire paragraph of his text in which he lists the commands that effect this repetition ( 167 ) .
3 However , the Younger Committee argued that such a topic as privacy , which can be subject to rapid changes in social convention , was probably best not regulated on the basis of the slow build-up of case law , which would always tend to reflect the values of an earlier period rather than of contemporary society .
4 However , compulsory education in Britain is essentially provided at a local level and the number of pupils at a particular school can be subject to rapid fluctuations as a result of factors such as changing economic circumstances or new housing developments .
5 Holiday demand is highly sensitive to changes in underlying economic conditions ( it is relatively income-elastic for instance ) which means it can be subject to rapid changes as the cyclical pattern of economic activity develops .
6 If the cause is a self-replicating entity , the effect , be it ever so distant and indirect , can be subject to natural selection .
7 ( Larkin 1979 , p. 75 ) since they can be subject to little planning control and have easier access than other rural housing tenures .
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