Example sentences of "can be relate to [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Massey agrees that the fate of entities which are part of large spatially diverse enterprises can be related to explicit planning decisions , but considers that it is dangerous to somehow regard such actions as ‘ worse ’ than the consequences of the anonymous system forces of capitalism as manifested through market relations .
2 The supposedly most securely dated vessels are those which can be related to Continental chronologies ; vessels which occur on the Continent but not in England date to before the migration , those on both sides of the North Sea to the migration period itself , and those which are only found in England must have developed after the migration period .
3 Not only is the method not scientific but , to the extent that Marx did make certain historical prophecies which can be related to empirical evidence over long periods of time , these can be examined and by and large they have not proved to be valid .
4 Although perhaps the paradigm for the village school was some idyllic haven seen on a summer 's day , the report is still a good review of the position and can be related to other parts of Western Europe .
5 While I will argue that structuralism offers a way of understanding knowledge as language that can be related to other social practices without reduction to an individual knowing subject , it is to the Marxist theory of ideology that I will turn to help describe the nature of the relationship .
6 Library education will be more effective if the student understands what he is doing and why he is doing it — that is , if new facts can be related to existing knowledge .
7 Unfortunately , despite the widespread excavations at Alcester , little has been found which can be related to religious practices .
8 Lineaments highlighted by imaging techniques are evidence of the nature of Caledonian orogenesis , and variations in image texture can be related to specific geological terrains .
9 The activities of delinquent fans might be more intelligible if they can be related to particular roles and positions with respect to other fans .
10 The parameters appearing in the Richards functions can be related to biological factors .
11 Angular scales , on the microwave background can be related to linear scales , λ , at the present epoch by .
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