Example sentences of "can [adv] be said to " in BNC.

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1 But with the hindsight of Frey 's distinction ( also Regan 's ) between having an interest and something 's being in one 's interest , this route is denied Singer because water , sunlight , and even perhaps preservation , in tune with the tree 's needs , can rightly be said to be in its interests .
2 In addition to the above criteria of articulation and recognition of breaches , a further necessary condition must be satisfied : actions can only be said to be rule-governed when some other alternative actions are possible .
3 The existence of the debt can only be said to be a ‘ burden ’ if the government is constrained in its use of lump-sum taxes .
4 The supporters of O M O V have put their arguments in what can only be said to be a ham-fisted and insulting way .
5 The Salvationists associated together ‘ for a purpose which can not be said to be otherwise than lawful and laudable , or at all events can not be called unlawful ’ .
6 Skill in letter-writing is by no means evenly distributed among the population and letter-writers can not be said to be representative of the general population .
7 That is , what must be done in certain circumstances can not be said to be good without qualification and might involve evil and suffering .
8 That may be so , but while a quarter of the public does not have complete confidence in the police that code can not be said to be working .
9 Someone who calls out ‘ Cooee ’ can not be said to be saying something that is true or false .
10 This will account for the fact that although it is the obvious lesson of Darwinism that species mutate , they can not be said to be aware of this nor in any sense to change themselves .
11 But what about those conflicts that do not take place within such a constituted social system , such as conflictual bourgeois societies which can not be said to be unified , except , as Sartre suggests dismissively , by appeal to a lost paradise before the class struggle ?
12 Descombes describes a comparable paradoxical structure in his account of ‘ originary delay ’ : a first event can not be the first event if it is the only event ; it can not be said to be a first until it is followed by a second , which then retrospectively constitutes it as the first — which means that its firstness hovers over it as its meaning without being identifiable with it as such .
13 In adjudicating , a meaning is attributed to a rule of law which can not be said to be correct or incorrect .
14 Ruether 's , if she is not saying in any sense of Christ that he is unique , surely can not be said to be so .
15 That they are not such statements is in accord with the fact , rightly insisted upon by Hume , as already noted , that causes can not be said to be in a certain logical connection with their effects : the fact that it is not contradictory , however mistaken it may be , to assert that a causal circumstance for an event existed but that the event did not occur .
16 For example , an Indian village producing Kashan-style rugs can not be said to be part of the Kashan weaving group ; nor can the Persian towns of Kashan and Arak be placed together , despite their relative proximity , because of the strong dissimilarities in their rugs .
17 That being so , the direct object can not be said to be totally redundant .
18 Where a previous Court of Appeal decision can not be said to be in line with the House of Lords ' authority on the same subject .
19 If the explanation given is correct , however ( and no other suggests itself ) then there is no reason to prevent the prosecutor who has elected in favour of the substantive offence from seeking to amend so as to substitute the conspiracy count instead : a straight exchange of counts based on the same facts can not be said to be over-burdensome .
20 That can not be said to be a full description of reason within the disciplines , for they can not be sustained without values and judgement .
21 Some change is certainly necessary , but by itself can not be said to be sufficient or specific .
22 If the purpose of the law is to protect women from acts of sexual intercourse to which they have not in fact consented , whether by reason of force actually applied , physical or other threat , or fear induced by the accused or by others , then the relevant question would appear to be : Did this particular woman , in these particular circumstances , submit to this particular man ; or did she in fact freely consent to have intercourse with him ? … if the law deems the woman to have consented to the act despite ample evidence of threats which rendered her submissive but non-consenting , then the law can not be said to be serving its true function of protecting individuals from the imposition of non-consensual sexual intercourse . ’
23 The decision in Rask is , of course , considerable help in support of the contention that the claim would otherwise have succeeded , but can not be said to be conclusive on the point , since it is for the national court to evaluate all the circumstances when assessing whether there was in any particular case a transfer of a business .
24 A man can not be said to be truly willing unless he is in a position to choose freely , and freedom of choice predicates , not only full knowledge of the circumstances on which the exercise of choice is conditioned , so that he may be able to choose wisely , but the absence from his mind of any feeling of constraint so that nothing shall interfere with the freedom of his will ( Scott LJ in Bowater v Rowley Regis Corporation [ 1944 ] KB 476 ) .
25 Nevertheless , all these matters are only indicative , and can not be said to be conclusive .
26 No area of the law can ever be said to be easy but the legislation dealing with obscene and indecent publications seems to be unduly complicated .
27 Bruges goes to bed early and can hardly be said to be throbbing with night-life .
28 Quite obviously the playwright has largely pre-empted negotiation of this kind ; also , a theatrical performance can hardly be said to be a social interaction in a normal sense as the actor 's concern is to describe to someone outside the interaction on stage — to the spectator .
29 The development of computer-based public access systems to the holdings of one or more libraries , together with advances in online bibliographic searching , have increasingly led to the use of CAI programmes for user training , yet use of CAI programmes can hardly be said to be widespread .
30 But any magazine that retains a nonagenarian film critic and a weekly cartoonist who has entered his eighth decade can hardly be said to be immature .
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