Example sentences of "is assumed that [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 It is assumed that homologous structures are there as a consequence of evolution from a common ancestor , so homologous structures common to all mammals would be presumed to have been present in our common ancestor .
2 Answer guide : It is assumed that variable costs are the same per unit of activity ; therefore the variable costs will move in proportion to activity levels , i.e. in a linear fashion .
3 However , this method should only be used in the circumstances described , for the following reason : since it is assumed that such files are not readable , they do not appear in any of the Quality Assurance processes or in hard copy outputs showing module contents .
4 Foreign trade is excluded from consideration , since it is assumed that such trade will not affect the value of production , but merely affect its material form .
5 It is assumed that technical progress is purely labour-augmenting .
6 Within the cone of vision it is assumed that all lines and planes parallel to the picture plane are true to scale .
7 As with Lombroso 's work and the Gluecks ' study discussed above , by starting with institutionalised criminals , it is assumed that all prisoners are criminals and that most criminals do , in fact , go to prison .
8 It is assumed that all trains are of equal length and are all moving at the same speed , so that they each take p seconds to pass the crossing .
9 It is assumed that all trainees will return to their bureaux and where necessary areas of weakness that emerged during training will be worked at with their in-bureau tutor .
10 It is assumed that overall coverage of new publications in the authority is achieved by these departments .
11 It is assumed that each futures contract is priced according to the no-arbitrage condition , that is , F = ( S - D ) × ( l+r ) .
12 In economic models of bureaucratic behaviour it is assumed that economic incentives and constraints are what count , rather than the moral or intellectual qualities of public servants ( Niskanen 1973 ) .
13 Unless it is assumed that superior genes are permanently located in the Brahmin caste ( and there is no evidence that this is the case ) then there is probably no relationship between genetically based and socially created inequality in traditional Hindu society .
14 It is assumed that so-called reminder treatments act in some way to increase the likelihood that associations ( especially weak ones that will be most in need of such help ) will be effective in generating overt conditioned responding , then the pattern of results observed can be accommodated .
15 It is assumed that gastric metaplasia arises from the necks of Brunner 's glands and is the result of a persistently high concentration of acidity in the duodenal bulb .
16 It is assumed that social values , which are also placed on a single linear dimension , might be assigned to each variant .
17 ‘ It is assumed that scientific knowledge grows in a series of discrete steps , each corresponding with a specific advance which can be precisely located in time ’ .
18 It is assumed that provisional agreement has been reached between prospective partners , all of whom are fully qualified solicitors ; that the firm name has been chosen and premises identified ; that certificates and licences have been obtained as necessary in relation to specialist aspects of the work of the practice and registration obtained for VAT ; that the Solicitors ' Indemnity Fund has been informed of the existence of the new practice ; and generally that there is no legal or professional obstacle to accepting instructions from clients .
19 If it is assumed that this country had achieved the minimum level of industrial development by 1850 , then the available circumstantial evidence suggests that by then about 70 per cent of the working class had achieved basic literacy rates .
20 Although no birds are in evidence , it is assumed that this Labour is indicated .
21 An alternative approach is to measure share price changes ; prices at any given time reflect the market 's estimate of future performance and if it is assumed that this estimate is reliable then a comparison of ‘ before and after ’ figures should provide an accurate guide to the change in earning potential brought about by merger .
22 If a Conservative MP X or Y , who has not been known to take ideological stands , approaches a minister or a whip and expresses grave doubts , this is viewed with considerable worry and it is assumed that these objections have been put forward by the MP only after the points have been put to him with equal or greater force in his constituency .
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