Example sentences of "is [adv] assumed that the " in BNC.

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1 Because the economy is in recession , it is widely assumed that the government will and should cut interest rates .
2 It is widely assumed that the general , who has been doing his best to fan the speculation , will try to become prime minister after he leaves the army .
3 It is widely assumed that the more efficiently a stock market functions the better off everyone is .
4 This attitude to non-verbal communication has been encouraged by the popularisation of right-brain left-brain studies and amongst those who sponsor the soft primitivism that I have just referred to it is widely assumed that the verbal capabilities of the left cerebral hemisphere have been over-developed by a culture which puts too much emphasis on linguistic finesse and that the expressive repertoire of the supposedly holistic right hemisphere has been dangerously neglected as a consequence .
5 It is widely assumed that the Bundesbank council will effect a 50 basic points cut in official rates at either the meeting this Thursday or on 1 April .
6 It is apparently assumed that the contents of current affairs programmes can be neatly listed in three columns , headed respectively Favourable to Us , Favourable to Them and Neutral .
7 Rape is only held to have been committed in English law where the sexual intercourse is ‘ unlawful ’ , and it is generally assumed that the function of that term is to remove non-consensual intercourse between a man and his wife from the ambit of rape .
8 On the other hand the EEC Nine produces only 64% of its consumption of sheep meat and it is generally assumed that the UK with approximately 25% of the EEC sheep flock and as the leading producer of 50% of Community production is well placed to reap some advantage which could be of benefit to the hills and upland areas .
9 But because the demand for central control has arisen out of a general dissatisfaction with education , and this dissatisfaction is often directed towards an excess of ‘ creativity ’ in the classroom , a lack of a disciplined work-force , it is generally assumed that the central common curriculum to be nationally accepted would be down-to-earth , factual , able to be assessed , and marked by a tick or a cross .
10 It is generally assumed that the use of and will enhance plural reference in this example .
11 It is generally assumed that the rise of more widespread educational opportunities has given children of working-class parents the chance to study for the qualifications necessary to enter middle-class occupations .
12 Although it is generally assumed that the free movement of persons within the European Community will increase the impact of ‘ international crime ’ on the internal security problems of the Member States and that more intensive and more effective law enforcement co-operation will be required , there is uncertainty about how better co-ordination can be achieved .
13 The derivation of the birds from a reptilian ( possibly dinosaur ) ancestor is certain , and because the earliest fossil bird , Archaeopteryx , is Jurassic in age , it is usually assumed that the split from the reptiles occurred in the earlier part of the period .
14 It is usually assumed that the aim of group management is to maximise group profit .
15 It is usually assumed that the ineffable in art is beyond the province of the professional academic scholar .
16 It is also assumed that the number of arrivals of information per time period varies .
17 It is also assumed that the variance of the error term is constant and that the error terms themselves are uncorrelated with any other firm 's error term ( ) and uncorrelated with the independent variable , .
18 It is also assumed that the reader is familiar with relational database technology and the concepts and terminology therein .
19 It is customarily assumed that the five years and eight months between the outbreak of war with Nazi Germany in September 1939 and the final collapse of that power in May 1945 was an epoch of ever-increasing radicalism , both for the British electorate and for the Labour Party itself .
20 ( Some 15 other states where the Moral Majority are by no means the silent majority , had hoped to pass similar laws , but it is now assumed that the case will go to appeal and eventually reach the Supreme Court ) .
21 If it is now assumed that the coefficients on and in the unemployment equation are different , so that we are not assuming structural neutrality , we can rewrite the unemployment equation as :
22 It is now assumed that the objective of policy is to maximise economic welfare , where economic welfare is equated with total surplus .
23 The second muddle concerns murder and manslaughter specifically , namely , that since there is no workable defence of insanity , it is often assumed that the existence of the mandatory penalty for murder is the essential reason for the section 2 defence .
24 It is often assumed that the Second World War had a more radicalizing impact on British politics than the First .
25 It is often assumed that the world of desktop publishing begins and , for some people , ends with the Apple Macintosh .
26 When computerised personnel systems are discussed , it is often assumed that the kind of thing in question is interrogating personnel records , salary modelling and manpower planning .
27 It is frequently assumed that the Specification is a device designed to enable the pursuer to make life difficult for the insured , the insurer and the solicitor for both .
28 It is however assumed that the total N will not be subdivided to examine the effect of ( for example ) linguistic environment ; in that case the ideal figure would be 30 tokens per environment , bringing the total for the variable as a whole to a figure proportionate to the number of environments examined .
29 It is therefore assumed that the later arisings of irradiated fuel from the currently committed AGR stations and virtually all the arisings from any future nuclear power stations ( including Sizewell B ) will need to be reprocessed in plants that succeed THORP . ’
30 It is commonly assumed that the strategy of ‘ area bombing ’ — indiscriminate attacks on largely civilian target ‘ areas ’ , usually in city centres — failed in its express aim of undermining and destroying the morale and will to resist of the German people and instead merely stimulated such an intense hatred of the enemy that the bonds between regime and people were strengthened , not weakened .
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