Example sentences of "is [adv] established that a " in BNC.

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1 Today the functions of a local authority almost invariably involve the expenditure of money and it is clearly established that a local authority may not spend money unless it has statutory authority to do so .
2 It is well established that a director is a fiduciary .
3 It is well established that a public law decision by a local authority may be open to challenge by way of defence or counterclaim to an action brought by the local authority in the High Court or the county court , notwithstanding the fact that if the defendant had sought to begin the proceedings he would have had to do so by way of judicial review : see Wandsworth London Council v. Winder [ 1985 ] A.C. 461 .
4 Certainly it is well established that a man is not guilty of rape of a woman who is too drunk to consent even where it is he who has coaxed her to drink .
5 It is well established that a buyer may reject goods which do not conform to a contractual sample .
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