Example sentences of "is [adv] clear that a " in BNC.

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1 After the 1979 Conservative victory , it is less clear that a party will suffer if it advocates policies which are a clear break with the past .
2 This point should not be pushed to perversity : the IMF is still clear that a US-style deficit is worse , and it certainly is not being quickly corrected .
3 While both these objections have truth to them , it is also clear that a range of critical writings which share more preoccupations than differences has emerged and that it can be contrasted to other forms of writing about texts and history .
4 But it is quite clear that a large number of people believe these three , who have now been in prison for 13 years , to be innocent of the crime for which they stand convicted .
5 The answer to his first point is that it is absolutely clear that a number of people who break their bail conditions are remanded in custody when they are brought back to the court ; but that happens in only about six out of 10 cases , and in four out of 10 cases when those who break their bail conditions are brought back to the court , it seems that they are no longer remanded in custody but are again let out on bail .
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