Example sentences of "it is sometimes [verb] [conj] " in BNC.

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1 It is sometimes argued that the loss of lambs is partly the shepherd 's fault : that greater care for the flock would cut down losses to predators .
2 It is sometimes argued that the main reason for allowing such matters as provocation to reduce murder to manslaughter is to avoid the mandatory penalty for murder .
3 Because we are dealing with what purport to be exceptions to a general principle , it is sometimes argued that there is no single legal principle of justification , merely a number of disparate responses to the specific factual and legal details of a particular case.13 Alternatively , a general principle of justification is advanced and given the name of ‘ necessity ’ or ‘ privilege ’ or some kind of ‘ comprehensive justification in relation to medical procedures ’ .
4 It is sometimes argued that the additional costs of disability are offset , to some extent , by the more limited range of social activities they can engage in , which produces cost savings for them .
5 In particular , it is sometimes argued that , when the amount paid on exercise of warrants is lower than the fair value of the shares issued , there is an additional , implicit consideration that needs to be reflected in the financial statements .
6 Although this is uncontroversial where conversion is uncertain or unlikely , it is sometimes argued that where conversion is probable convertible debt should be reported outside liabilities .
7 Giving science a more feminine image : It is sometimes argued that science textbooks are sexist in showing illustrations of boys , rather than girls , doing practical work in the laboratory , and so forth .
8 It is sometimes argued that an experienced programmer can detect the ‘ general shape ’ of a particular high-level language X from blocks of machine code , just by hunch and judgement , but this ignores the possibility that the code may have been written in language Y with the syntactic style of X precisely in order to create this confusion ; just as one can murmur English with a German intonation and cause a distant listener to believe he is listening to unintelligible German .
9 It is sometimes argued that a science of religion is a contradiction in terms .
10 It is sometimes argued that the firm has actually replaced the family as the central focus of social existence .
11 It is sometimes argued that the rise of institutional investment and the decline of individual direct investment in large public companies means that the traditional model of the shareholder controlling the directors of the company is once again a realistic one .
12 It is sometimes argued that ‘ however close their links with the Continent , under-lined especially by their marriage ties , the Plantagenet Kings were Englishmen ’ .
13 It is sometimes argued that Freud 's theories must be accepted or rejected all of a piece , and that one can not simply accept or reject ‘ bits ’ of them as one fancies .
14 Now it is sometimes argued that the Reform Bill was deliberately framed so as to preclude the threat of a revolution founded on such an alignment , one in which a middle-class bourgeoisie would have provided the leadership and the lower classes the sheer mass , the numbers needed to carry it out ; and shrewdly calculated to concede just so much as was needed to reduce to a manageable scale the gathering political unrest which might have led to just such a convulsion .
15 It is sometimes argued that a full-blooded commitment to phenomenological principles entails a retreat into relativism in which the researcher is denied any grounds upon which to choose between alternative accounts of the same situation .
16 It is sometimes argued that studies of working-class leisure have concentrated on male activities simply because leisure , a fairly new notion in any case , was very much a male affair in this period .
17 It is sometimes argued that even if the sentences analysed in linguistics are abstractions , which sometimes sound very odd , they are still the best material for language study , because they isolate it from its context .
18 Against these criticisms of direct investment abroad , it is sometimes argued that the profits generated by the foreign factory will be a long-term benefit to all UK citizens .
19 It is sometimes argued that certain subjects are better vehicles for a liberal education than others , because they are concerned with the human rather than merely the natural , or are reflexive rather than merely instrumental ; hence the term ‘ liberal ’ has been most often associated with the arts , and in this century social sciences , though it has been used of some science courses as well ( e.g. ‘ Liberal Studies in Science ’ ) .
20 It is sometimes argued that direct persuasion applied by A to B not to perform his contract is itself the procurement of breach by unlawful means , but the argument is circular and it seems better simply to say that in this form of the tort no use of unlawful means is required .
21 It is sometimes argued that international competitive pressures are the origins , directly or indirectly , of all the UK 's economic and employment problems .
22 It is sometimes argued that if the Earth , Venus and Mars were veneered by volatile-rich bodies subsequent to the main phase of accretion , then the inert gas graphs for the three planets in Figure 5.2 should lie roughly on top of each other .
23 It is sometimes argued that indirect taxes are , in welfare terms , preferable to direct taxes , as they leave the taxpayer free to make a choice .
24 ( a ) Why might society wish to ban drugs that neither help nor harm the diseases they are claimed to cure ? ( b ) It is sometimes argued that regulatory bodies will be blamed for bad things that happen in spite of the regulations ( e.g. a plane crash ) but not blamed so much for good things that are prevented ( e.g. the quick availability of a safe and useful drug ) by stringent tests and regulations .
25 Because the choice of opting out is largely represented to parents , former pupils and the local community as a means of securing a better financial arrangement from the DES than has been possible with the local authority , it is sometimes argued that it is not ethos or education but funding which alone lies at the heart of the decision .
26 It is sometimes argued that criticism of the plaintiff after his writ has been issued , and a failure to apologise prior to trial , is evidence of malice .
27 Sometimes an observant parent will notice something that will give us a clue ; after a child recovers from one of those high fevers that ‘ lay it very low ’ for a short time it is sometimes seen that the child is more ‘ well ’ than before it became ‘ ill ’ , provided the illness has not been inappropriately treated or interfered with in some way .
28 It is sometimes felt that the Borough Council , although they seek the views of local representatives , ignore these when coming to decisions on planning matters which will have a profound effect on local residents .
29 It is sometimes assumed that this outside world , composed of external structures and processes , exists at some level above that of the actor 's home ground .
30 It is sometimes stated that , due to the occupation of the Iberian Peninsula by the Moors until 1453 , there is almost no Romanesque architecture here .
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