Example sentences of "it is often assumed that " in BNC.

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1 The second muddle concerns murder and manslaughter specifically , namely , that since there is no workable defence of insanity , it is often assumed that the existence of the mandatory penalty for murder is the essential reason for the section 2 defence .
2 It is often assumed that winter is the most suitable time for training yet only 43% indicated that any time during winter would be suitable .
3 In a commercial or industrial setting it is often assumed that organisations try to maximise profits as their main goal .
4 Because these three associated religions appear to have in common the belief in one transcendent personal creator , it is often assumed that they all believe in the same God .
5 Because of this it is often assumed that cleaning staff are familiar with the basics especially when women are employed .
6 Indeed , it is often assumed that women are the ‘ natural ’ carers , and that such work is n't quite suitable for a man .
7 But it is often assumed that so doing is to be following in the footsteps of Marx , when he gave his example of luxury goods production , basing himself on the premise that the sub-department lib produced only goods for capitalist consumption .
8 It is often assumed that clients interfere with their ulcers between treatments to ensure the community nurse will revisit and meet their need for social contact .
9 It is often assumed that Wordsworth himself was responsible for the fame of the area as a holiday centre , but this is only partly true .
10 It is often assumed that the Second World War had a more radicalizing impact on British politics than the First .
11 It is often assumed that employers take advantage of the demand for positions where interesting work , pleasant conditions and a high degree of job satisfaction are reckoned to make up for low pay .
12 It is often assumed that Foucault is simply the philosopher of discontinuity , merely substituting it where previously there had been continuity ; but the discontinuous is emphasized only because so much stress is normally placed on the continuous .
13 It is often assumed that personal contacts will push through more of your material than that of other PROs and that you will be able to ask for favourable comment here and there .
14 For example , it is often assumed that multiculturalism is methodologically individualist , and reduces racism to an individual pathology of prejudice , whilst antiracism is radically holist and insists on the primacy of structural processes .
15 It is often assumed that what I have earlier called the ‘ division of labour by strata ’ is the prime objective content of the British ‘ class ’ system but there are severe methodological problems in investigating this hypothesis , since the schemas proposed for the classification of occupations are not actually independent of the phenomenon to be explained .
16 It is often assumed that textual discussion must be complex to be acceptable .
17 Someone must plough the fields or milk the cows , but much of this endeavour takes place hidden from public view and when a tractor is glimpsed across a field it is often assumed that it is a farmer who is in the cab .
18 It is often assumed that the world of desktop publishing begins and , for some people , ends with the Apple Macintosh .
19 When computerised personnel systems are discussed , it is often assumed that the kind of thing in question is interrogating personnel records , salary modelling and manpower planning .
20 It is often assumed that techniques must be learned and practised before problems are mentioned .
21 However , as explained , such problems are often symptoms of deeper organisational and management problems : ‘ It is often assumed that stress is caused by too much work or tasks that are too difficult , but it is more likely to be because staff do n't have a context for what they are doing . ’
22 In this country , it is often assumed that teachers are a law unto themselves once they are inside the classroom and that it is their professional training and sense of professional responsibility that are the chief influences on their practice .
23 It is often assumed that because of the vulnerable status of many refugees , such a mass influx places an immense burden on the receiving area 's economy .
24 It is often assumed that in cost behaviour there is only one independent variable .
25 Although it is often assumed that these were one and the same battle , there is no evidence that Clovis fought at Zülpich , and it is possible that they were separate events .
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