Example sentences of "it was said to be " in BNC.

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1 Organised by Brian and Anna Houghton , the London ceramics dealers who have launched two highly regarded specialist fairs in London during the past few years , it offered New Yorkers two innovations ; an expert vetting committee , which checked that every item was genuinely what it was said to be — there had never been vetting in America before — and a showcase in their own city of top European dealers ' wares .
2 It was said to be Mrs Thatcher 's favourite television programme — indeed , she actually took part in a rehearsal .
3 There is , in fact , every indication that Karajan was acutely aware of the temper of the times , though to find evidence of this we do not go to the random rag-bag of recordings he was permitted to make in the early 1940s but to what he immediately turned his mind to with Legge in Vienna in 1947 : Strauss 's Metamorphosen , a recording , still , of unparalleled intensity , and the Brahms German Requiem , a performance ( it was said to be one of Toscanini , s favourite records ) of unbearable directness and poignancy of utterance .
4 It was said to be effective only if found without actually seeking it , and some people who came upon it used to say a prayer such as :
5 It was said to be 700 years old when it fell in 1896 .
6 It was said to be the site of the shrine of the goddess Mumba Devi or Maha Amba who gave her name to Bombay .
7 In 1986 it employed about 11,500 workers , and a year later , when its affairs were the subject of wide comment in the press , it was said to be employing 13,000 , or even 14,000 , workers .
8 It was said to be strongly critical of her role in its publication , her relationship with her husband and her role within the Royal Family .
9 It was said to be Philip who chose to send his sons to Gordonstoun , regardless of the effects the school 's strict regime might have on them — a regime that might , along with their father 's exacting standards , have contributed to their inability to sustain loving relationships .
10 The obstacles to this were largely financial : it was said to be beyond the means of the WWF , let alone the Government of India .
11 It was said to be a soup-to-nuts A-to-Z kind of thing and the software vendors rejected it out of hand as offering them nothing .
12 Much of the time was spent bashing Everett : it was said to be too small , and with no adjacent military airfield .
13 At press time , it was said to be still finalising international agreements .
14 Bror Blixen , Karen Blixen 's husband , had syphilis and it was said to be common among the Masai .
15 Should the company do a thing which was outside the scope of the clause it was said to be beyond the company 's powers and ultra vires.At common law an ultra vires act was unlawful and without binding effect and a shareholder could restrain the company from undertaking ultra vires activities .
16 It was said to be the most brilliant Court in the western world .
17 In the village of Portlethen , some 15 miles outside Aberdeen , the main line station was closed many years ago as it was said to be uneconomic .
18 In the period since the Second World War , political stability , economic growth , and a broad societal consensus , meant that the constitution as it was , as it was said to be , and as it was said it should be , were all seen as of one , pulling together in mutual support in a way that called for " no change " .
19 Simply expressed , the set-up as it was , as it was said to be , and as it was said it should be , had all pulled apart in a way that called for change .
20 In 1717 he began buying land in Kent and the city of London , which eventually placed the family among the largest landowners in the county ; it was said to be possible to walk for a day in north-west Kent without leaving Page property .
21 It was said to be the first house since Roman times to have central heating : over three miles of piping were used but there was no chimney in the house itself .
22 He commented with amazement that the charge was supposed to be entirely arbitrary and that at one ground it was said to be nil .
23 It was said to be a sentence he 'll carry for the rest of his life .
24 It was said to be the last performances of the long-running tour of Shirley Valentine .
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