Example sentences of "it is [adv] argued [conj] " in BNC.

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1 In the short run it is generally argued that tax cuts will simply stimulate aggregate demand and , with aggregate supply largely unaffected , will be inflationary .
2 It is thus argued that any statistical model linking pixel counts of land cover to population should be simple , linear , additive and without any intercept constant .
3 It is thus argued that relationships between parts of the state apparatus ( especially the bureaucracy and representative institutions ) become a matter of the particular form of the capitalist state — liberal , interventionist , Bonapartist , military dictatorship , fascist — each relating to different stages in the development of capitalism ( competitive , imperialist , state capitalism ) .
4 It is frequently argued that a locally based education , preferably with a rural bias , will somehow encourage young people to stay in agriculture .
5 It is frequently argued that the political stability and rates of economic growth of the post-war period rest on the control of subordinate classes by the Mexican state .
6 It is frequently argued that having personal experience of an event gives a dimension of knowledge that others can not fully share .
7 It is also argued that it is inconsistent with human dignity that a woman should use her uterus for financial profit and treat it as an incubator for someone else 's child . ’
8 Supposing the sentence read : ‘ It is also argued that it is inconsistent with human dignity that a man should use his muscles as a crane for transporting someone else 's goods ’ ; or ‘ that a woman should use her vocal cords for the delectation of others ’ ; or ‘ that a person should use his or her brain to work out someone else 's income tax ’ — would these substitutes carry convictions ?
9 There it is also argued that it is from the legislation of emancipation onwards that the tensions and forces making for conflict grow significantly stronger than the cohesive factors sustaining antislavery culture .
10 It is also argued that a new spatial division of labour is being established .
11 It is also argued that drug pressure could not be the origin of resistance because halofantrine was not used prophylactically and has a shorter half-life than chloroquine or mefloquine .
12 It is also argued that the problem is not the availability of fuel efficient cars but the lack of incentive to buy them , given low US fuel prices .
13 It is also argued that a production-based rent allowed the landlord to receive excess benefits due to the skill of the site operator .
14 It is also argued that a lender of last resort would not be needed because of the ability of banks to issue their own notes backed up by their deposit base ( Dowd 1990 ) .
15 For although it is constantly argued that the police represent and are drawn from the community they serve , the cultural style required in the body of the police officer inevitably sets him slightly apart from the ‘ civvies ’ outside the institution , especially where such symbolic use of clothing and beards or hair is the province of the youthful innovator .
16 It is unlikely , though , that a bridge existed here in pre-Roman times , since it is usually argued that the first Roman crossing at the famous battle of the Medway took place further upstream towards Maidstone .
17 It is usually argued that fixed capital increasing projects , even if they cause local and short-term unemployment , actually increase total employment through permitting significant increases in output .
18 It is usually argued that the feature which distinguishes a Keynesian labour supply function from its classical counterpart is the replacement of the money wage rate , W , for the real wage rate , , in the former .
19 It is usually argued that the managers do not acquire their Newco shares pursuant to a right conferred on them or an opportunity offered to them by Newco by virtue of their employment ( see s77 Finance Act 1988 ) .
20 It is often argued that we would all be better off if we followed the Warsaw Pact system of accepting their superpower 's equipment , produced mainly in the Soviet Union , but also in satellite countries like Czechoslovakia .
21 However , it is often argued that when barriers are taken down and teachers start to work in teams developing courses and assessing pupils ' responses , real improvements begin to occur .
22 Since class is generally defined by male socioeconomic status , it is often argued that women are more able to transcend class than men .
23 Thus it is often argued that statutes punishing cruelty to animals can only be explained in that way .
24 It is often argued that television has contributed much to the trivialization of politics in general and to the nomination process in particular .
25 For example , it is often argued that it is common sense and natural that women will engage in child-rearing and domestic tasks and that men will make sexual advances and will work outside the home .
26 If a British multinational invests in plant abroad , it is often argued that it weakens British industry because the resources could have been used to invest in new production in the UK .
27 Secondly , it is often argued that farm workers are compensated for their low wages by a cornucopia of payments in kind .
28 It is often argued that the latter type of identifying references are really parasitic upon the former .
29 It is often argued that if a child learned how to recode unfamiliar letter strings — printed words not previously encountered — into a phonological form , this would permit reading to be parasitic on an already established ability to access the semantics of a word from its phonology .
30 As a consequence , it is often argued that there is a greater need for additional performance measures , and that these measures should be more detailed in non-profit organizations ; in other words , that the wider accountability questions are more immediate and important .
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