Example sentences of "it [is] [adv] recognised that " in BNC.

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1 Apart from city states , e.g. Singapore , it is generally recognised that agricultural development must precede ( or at least match ) industrial development .
2 The working paper dealing with this topic argues that ‘ it is generally recognised that some prescribing is wasteful or unnecessary expensive .
3 Whilst there is still some pressure for further reform , it is generally recognised that the Lords do perform a useful function and the abolition lobby no longer enjoys the political significance it once did .
4 And since it is generally recognised that managers cost their companies at least three times their annual salary , the scope for cost-saving is enormous .
5 Even though it is generally recognised that , at best , the principles of operant conditioning described in Verbal Behaviour contribute but a small part to our understanding of the processes of language development , this does not immediately rule out the possibility of employing techniques based upon operant conditioning to help those children who are not developing language in the normal way .
6 However , it is generally recognised that economic considerations are undoubtedly important in shaping the changes which have occurred within existing structures over the course of time since collective bargaining itself is an evolving social institution .
7 It is generally recognised that casual working is still important in certain industrial/occupational labour markets , particularly that of the hotels and catering industry , although the question of whether the casual status of their jobs is a source of disadvantage to the people who work in this fashion is one which has , as yet , scarcely been answered .
8 With the current financial structuring of the service , even in trusts , until it is generally recognised that more than just a pen and speculum are required in gynaecological outpatient clinics the value of outpatient surgery will not be realised .
9 It is generally recognised that in any large complex organisation , management must delegate some authority because :
10 It is generally recognised that there is a great deal of information in the speech wave — particularly prosodic information — which we are not yet able to isolate and use .
11 The significance of migrating larvae of S. vulgaris in natural cases of colic is difficult to assess , but it is generally recognised that where strongyle infections of horses are efficiently controlled the incidence of colic is markedly decreased .
12 The risks involved are thus extremely high , and it is generally recognised that close management control of these companies by the venture capital funds in necessary , as compared with the more remote approach of investors on the Stock Exchange .
13 It is thus recognised that in her parents-in-law 's home a girl is completely vulnerable and any resentment against her parents may be taken out on her .
14 The one-year course is only to lay down the foundations of good technical training — and it is widely recognised that the course simply pushes the student into the profession with enough practical experience to find his or her feet .
15 It is widely recognised that the classical technique can and does prove a stable basis fur all styles of dance .
16 Britain points out that the Bush Administration is still using its political weight in the IMF to block financial relief for Vietnam , even though it is widely recognised that the exodus from Vietnam will only stop when living standards improve .
17 It is widely recognised that it is not production of food but the low level of demand for food that is the problem for many and for varied reasons related to the forces and relations of production in which people are involved .
18 It is widely recognised that the most dynamic English today is often found outside England : from Saul Bellow , Alice Walker and Toni Morrison from the United States , Anita Desai from India , Nadine Gordimer from South Africa , V. S. Naipaul from Trinidad , Chinua Achebe from Nigeria , for example .
19 In particular , it is widely recognised that behavioural methods often result in relatively rigid language patterns , and that subsequent generalisation beyond training sessions and the spontaneous combination of taught elements into novel combinations continue to be problematic .
20 It is widely recognised that agricultural resources produce far more than a supply of raw foodstuffs .
21 2.1 It is widely recognised that English law is defective in failing to provide satisfactory machinery for the imposition on freehold land of positive obligations ( such as obligations to repair and to contribute to communal maintenance costs ) which can then be enforced against successors in title to the original owner of the land .
22 It is widely recognised that the Food Safety Act 1990 will progressively impact on the way food businesses operate .
23 It is increasingly recognised that a full medical assessment is helpful if a change of residence is planned , such as admission to a residential home .
24 Mr Rowland may be right to think that the worst is over ; it is increasingly recognised that to expect the insurance industry to foot the entire bill for pollution would bankrupt it .
25 Between the ages of 5 and 14 it is clearly recognised that the teacher is one of the most significant adults in a pupil 's life .
26 It is well recognised that these differences in styles of legal thinking do exist , and the Convention is interpreted in practice in such a way that its objectives will be secured despite those differences .
27 It is well recognised that opioid analgesics do not always relieve pain , and there are already several unsatisfactory ways in which such pain is described , including ‘ opioid insensitive , ’ ‘ opioid non-responsive , ’ and ‘ opioid resistant . ’
28 Research shows that many debilitating diseases are often precipitated by stress , and it is well recognised that conditions like heart disease , gastric ulcers , mental illness , colitis , hypertension , skin disorders and several others have their origin in stressful situations .
29 It is well recognised that patients with Barrett 's columnar lined lower oesophagus represent the worst end of the reflux spectrum with the most severe forms of lower oesophageal sphincter and pump failure and consequently greater degrees of acid exposure .
30 It is well recognised that managing software is difficult because it is in essence a control problem , posing questions such as which particular versions of software items should be used at a particular stage of a project for a particular purpose , or what software should be issued to whom , and when .
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