Example sentences of "it [is] [adv] said that " in BNC.

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1 It 's always said that Oppositions rarely win elections , Governments lose them .
2 In fact it 's sometimes said that it 's one of the very great privileges of the public is that they can , by dint of writing something , and putting it in an envelope with a stamp on it , get it to arrive on an editor 's desk , and have the editor at least give a cursory glance if not a more serious glance at what 's going on , so it 's a privilege and it 's an opportunity in that case .
3 He 'd walk me home from school and it 's often said that he carried my ballet shoes , which sounds kind of romantic , but he actually did sometimes , if I was carrying a whole load of things .
4 It is normally said that as one goes further up this ascent of languages , the code becomes progressively more like a natural language such as English .
5 Yet it is normally said that it is a breach of an agent 's duty to act for competing principals .
6 Although it is repeatedly said that at common law a man must keep his fire ‘ at his peril , ’ research shows that we can not be sure that at any period in the history of the common law a man was absolutely liable for the escape of his fire .
7 Now it is frequently said that the development of skilled movement ‘ lags ’ a long way behind that of skilled perception , and in one sense this is certainly true : young babies have excellent visual acuity as revealed by their behavioural discrimination of , and neural responsivity , to gratings and chequerboards — but we do n't see them playing darts !
8 It is frequently said that you can make statistics say what you want them to say .
9 It is frequently said that most herbs do best if they are growing in well-drained soil , somewhat short of plant food , and in a position which is sunny and sheltered .
10 It is frequently said that the question of absurdity can not influence a decision in any type of case except the one just stated .
11 On a second or subsequent marriage it is frequently said that a wedding speech should make no reference to previous spouses , nor children of earlier marriages unless they are junior pages and need to be acknowledged and welcomed , or even the fact that either party has been married before .
12 It is frequently said that like changes have not been seen since the invention of the printed book but a good argument can be made for comparing the IT revolution with the invention of writing itself .
13 It is also said that he leaves the defence undermanned , but neither charge was proved on Saturday as Barcelona rode adversity in an absorbing match that emphasised , as one knew it would , how hurried and imprecise so much of the British game has become and how necessary it is that we cherish such exceptions as Liverpool , Norwich and Nottingham Forest if the art is not essentially to be driven out .
14 It is also said that Hinduism believes in an impersonal rather than a personal Deity .
15 It is also said that the Vikings introduced the finchback characteristic to Normandy in the ninth or tenth century and , according to a detailed history of the Gloucester breed by Adam Stout , there could be a common ancestry with the finchbacked Longhorn of Lancashire through Scandinavian cattle brought to Shetland , Ireland and Lancashire by the Vikings .
16 It is also said that Moorcroft was shocked to find that his co-professor was wholly ignorant of all veterinary matters ; yet Moorcroft and Coleman had negotiated the terms of their joint appointment , and it is inconceivable that Moorcroft could have remained unaware of his future colleague 's lack of veterinary knowledge .
17 It is also said that in times when Russia has need of strength in battle , these horses will awake their masters and carry them to where they are needed .
18 It is also said that girls are more verbally adept and can express complex concepts more readily than boys .
19 It is also said that Jacqueline had begun writing to a young Glaswegian who really was in prison .
20 It is also said that they are able to exercise an element of independent supervision over inside management .
21 It is usually said that the introduction of NEP pacified the peasants , but the Famine had a quicker effect in this respect .
22 It is usually said that they are quite passive at this stage .
23 It is usually said that in the voice from heaven at the baptism of Jesus we have an example of the bath qol .
24 It is usually said that repetition is used for emphasis .
25 It is often said that the two most difficult and specialist design areas within a hotel are the kitchen and the leisure facility .
26 It is often said that more damage is done inside the hangar than out !
27 It is often said that penalties automatically follow when blood appears following a facial attack , but this is an over-simplification .
28 It is often said that Muslim men think it a matter of pride that their women should n't work .
29 Although Christianity is the ‘ state religion ’ of Britain , it is often said that the majority of people who are nominally Christian will go to a church only on a very few occasions in their lives — for a Christmas or Easter service maybe , or a family christening .
30 It is often said that children have their lives before them and to die before they have had a chance to develop their personalities and lives seems particularly cruel .
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