Example sentences of "to [adv] 10 [unc] cent " in BNC.

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1 First , they see various loan options where the APR dropped from 49 per cent for six-month repayment periods to only 10 per cent for 36-month periods .
2 It succeeded at a stroke in reducing tenanted land from over 45 per cent of the cultivated area to under 10 per cent .
3 The proportion averaged one in five for Inner London as a whole , but at borough level ranged from almost 30 per cent in Haringey to under 10 per cent for Kensington and Chelsea and was in fact highest for an outer borough — Brent — at 33.5 per cent .
4 Public borrowing rose to nearly 10 per cent of national income — equivalent to £55,000 million today .
5 Taxes on income by corporations , including profits tax , amount to nearly 10 per cent of the total .
6 But it is understood that Pepsi 's market share in France for cola drinks dropped from 18 per cent in the early 1980s to roughly 10 per cent despite an expanding market .
7 At the turn of the century government expenditure as a proportion of G N P amounted to roughly 10 per cent ; by 1970 this figure had reached over 40 per cent .
8 Catalysts are expected to cut nitrogen oxide emissions from cars to about 10 per cent by 1989 levels by the year 2006 .
9 What had changed was the distribution of employment so that although Japanese farms are very tiny , the threefold decline in agricultural employment to about 10 per cent of the labour force means that non-agricultural sectors now provide the bulk of small-firm employment .
10 Paid-in capital by member countries amounts to about 10 per cent of subscribed capital and represents only a small part of the total funds obtained by the EIB .
11 For an investment-intensity ratio of below 35 per cent , it seems that one gets an ROI above 30 per cent , whereas , when investment intensity is above 70 per cent , ROI falls to about 10 per cent .
12 Economic growth had recovered from a negative rate in 1988 to an average of 8 per cent during 1989-91 , and inflation declined sharply from 75 per cent in 1989 to about 10 per cent in 1991 .
13 While expenditure was reduced after this , by the 1960s , with the entry of the United States into the Vietnam conflict , it rose to around 10 per cent of GDP once more .
14 By contrast , West Bromwich , Manchester , London and Liverpool all sustained losses amounting to over 10 per cent of their work force .
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