Example sentences of "to [noun] [prep] all over " in BNC.

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1 In addition , offshore work involves many thousands of men travelling to Aberdeen from all over Britain , to be ferried to installations by helicopter .
2 Then on Friday they would stream back to Cork from all over the province of Munster to clean themselves up , don their best clothes , and go to synagogue to greet the Sabbath .
3 Whilst there is no denying that from its early days the Castro government provided safe haven and some aid to the revolutionary groups which flocked to Havana from all over Latin America and the Caribbean — in 1959 Cuba was the launching base for unsuccessful attacks on Haiti , Panama and the Dominican Republic — these activities must be set in context .
4 Workers flocked to Middlesborough from all over the place ; according to the 1871 census nearly half the town 's population were born outside Yorkshire .
5 Said Sheher , the man who organised the competition which brought contestants to Whitby from all over the United Kingdom as well as Belgium and Germany , said : ‘ Karate is a rough sport . ’
6 Major industrial partners , like Shell , Hewlett-Packard , and Meiko itself have contributed both money and equipment to help the project to the point where it can offer a reliable multi-user service to people from all over the UK .
7 We are offering the experience of a lifetime , and it seems to appeal to people from all over the world .
8 A large number of men and women had come to Iraq from all over the world to build a ‘ human wall ’ between the armies on the Iraqi-Saudi border .
9 But the travellers who 'd come to Castlemorton from all over the country , could n't understand the local animosity towards them .
10 Contains a unique collection of historical toys , books , costumes and items relating to childhood from all over the world .
11 In the heyday of Napoleon 's conquests he had access to fossils from all over Europe and was thus in a position to make the first comprehensive study .
12 Most attention in the past , however , has been given to residential differentiation within urban areas , whereas the current trends are operating on a much broader canvas , such that young school leavers are drawn to London from all over Britain , older people retire to remoter rural areas where they previously enjoyed holidays , and young married couples move not just to the suburbs but to smaller cities and towns situated at considerable distance from the major urban centres .
13 Thackeray called the exhibits on show-mostly machines " England 's arms of conquest the trophies of her bloodless war " , and visitors flocked to London from all over the world to marvel at them .
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