Example sentences of "and over a period of " in BNC.

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1 The everyday lives of ordinary people are not the basis for good television unless the characters and events are portrayed in a consistently entertaining fashion , and over a period of time ; hence the great success of television soap operas .
2 According to bogus sexologist Dr John R Brinkley , goat glands held the secret to combating male impotence and over a period of twenty years he amassed a fortune of more than $12 million administering them to 16,000 men worried about their sexual inadequacies .
3 This does not add much to the cost of the order , and over a period of time the extra components build up into a useful stock of parts .
4 The masculine energy is made available , and over a period of time the woman can crystallize that energy into a bond that will hold fast .
5 The allegation was that she did not do enough to help her , and over a period of time this had made the carer extremely angry , and at the same time made their mother dissatisfied about the care she was receiving .
6 A programme of restoration back to full working order followed and over a period of 18 months , it was stripped , restored and rebuilt to its present immaculate condition .
7 In both cases you have to find a deposit , and over a period of time pay off what is , in effect , a loan .
8 The place was besieged , and over a period of months , including a winter , the English grip tightened .
9 Also studied were the consistency of performance of individuals within and between topics , between mode of assessment and over a period of time .
10 In Woodrow , it was held that affray is a continuing offence , so that where an indictment charged the defendants with a single offence and particularised several incidents that had occurred at different places and over a period of several hours , the indictment was not bad for duplicity .
11 This stage is followed by a search for means to implement the desired change and over a period of time a cycle of problems are handled by this method .
12 Chop it up into elephant steaks , bung it into the deep freeze , and over a period of say two , three years , every Friday night have an elephant steak , but in three years ' time , I will have actually achieved my objective .
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