Example sentences of "the range of [noun pl] over " in BNC.

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1 In order to engage in comparisons over time we were faced with a dilemma stemming from the change in the range of newspapers over this period .
2 Feminist criticism and research has helped to increase the number of women subjects in mainstream European and North American psychology , and the range of topics over which they are studied .
3 Clearly , the range of frequencies over which a potential divider constructed solely from resistors acts as a satisfactory attenuator is restricted .
4 Here again there is negligible waste of power , but unfortunately the range of frequencies over which a transformer will act as a potential or current divider is restricted by the behaviour of the core , there being both a lower and upper limit .
5 Of course this makes sense in the case of insanity , automatism or involuntary movement but the range of factors over which one has no control is obviously wider than such clear instances of total lack of control .
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