Example sentences of "you 've been talking about " in BNC.

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1 Opposite adjacent this is what you 've been talking about the a the angle is n't it .
2 What do you imagine goes on in my head all night when you 've been talking about splitting up ?
3 ‘ You mean you 've been talking about — what was she called ? — Inez — the mother of Matthew 's children ? ’
4 You 've been talking about doggy-dos I 'm gon na talk to you about my dog .
5 in those days like they do in the time you 've been talking about ?
6 Erm , I was going to mention , as Rob has done the increase in new complaints , which I think is somewhat welcome erm , we 're still taking a long time from the averages over the last twelve months , I think that 's just reflecting being out some days over the ones you 've been talking about , er , we 're down on actual stage one equipments in the month erm , we 're not quite sure why that is , mm it 's just the way things have panned out .
7 Now , you 've been talking about Donna 's birth , but I thought it was your own you wanted to find out about ? ’
8 You 've been talking about wonder-boy Elliot , ’ she guessed , spotting his name .
9 do you think that maybe they could benefit from this idea that you 've been talking about today ?
10 At the moment if you talk to women , the women you 've been talking about , about going into parliament , I mean it 's a laugh , is n't it ?
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