Example sentences of "you 've be listening to " in BNC.

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1 That would have made an impression at a literary party , but the old trout just replied , ‘ Silly boy , I do n't think you 've been listening to a word I said ! ’
2 You 've been listening to his scaremongering nonsense .
3 ‘ I think a lot of what happens when you play solos has to do with what you 've been listening to lately .
4 But I do n't know what wind you 've been listening to .
5 You 've been listening to loverboy , that 's all ! ’
6 You 've been listening to the hoodoo doctors , ’ he says .
7 But do ask when you get back to the branch , because it samples claims that Abbey has , have had , erm , it reiterates the statistics that you 've just heard , the likelihood of somebody suffering with cancer , heart attacks , strokes etcetera , it er , gives you the ages er , if you choose , write in statistics , the one you 've been listening to .
8 Thank you Chairman erm I would like I know that you 've been listening to the first er part of our session this afternoon , erm and I 'd like to ask you to discuss with us one of the questions that we asked the group the Pension Fund erm and that 's to discuss the balance of power that exists between the employer and the various groups and classes of pensioner .
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