Example sentences of "you [vb base] been talking about " in BNC.

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1 Opposite adjacent this is what you 've been talking about the a the angle is n't it .
2 What do you imagine goes on in my head all night when you 've been talking about splitting up ?
3 ‘ You mean you 've been talking about — what was she called ? — Inez — the mother of Matthew 's children ? ’
4 You 've been talking about doggy-dos I 'm gon na talk to you about my dog .
5 in those days like they do in the time you 've been talking about ?
6 Erm , I was going to mention , as Rob has done the increase in new complaints , which I think is somewhat welcome erm , we 're still taking a long time from the averages over the last twelve months , I think that 's just reflecting being out some days over the ones you 've been talking about , er , we 're down on actual stage one equipments in the month erm , we 're not quite sure why that is , mm it 's just the way things have panned out .
7 Now , you 've been talking about Donna 's birth , but I thought it was your own you wanted to find out about ? ’
8 You 've been talking about wonder-boy Elliot , ’ she guessed , spotting his name .
9 do you think that maybe they could benefit from this idea that you 've been talking about today ?
10 At the moment if you talk to women , the women you 've been talking about , about going into parliament , I mean it 's a laugh , is n't it ?
11 I would suggest that initially one of the things we ought to be doing is making approaches to the private sector through their organisations where they exist and say , look we really have to begin to get into the kind of discussions that you have been talking about earlier between health and social work ; health , social work and the voluntary side to talk about the issues of planning and the issues of quality and the issues of the form and shape of services and what sort of developments are acceptable in client-need terms and what are not acceptable .
12 You have been talking about what we will be doing with it .
13 Cos every time I turn around yeah cos you two always sort of w looking at me and whispering and , you know , m half the time you have been talking about me cos I 've heard you mention my name and it 's not very nice .
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