Example sentences of "for any length of [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Some analysts were gloomily looking to the FT-SE 100 index to fall below the 2,200 level if the 15 per cent base rate is maintained for any length of time .
2 As for their children , they would not be allowed to live in Britain for any length of time , and while they were here they would be prevented from attending school .
3 It is the only instance in British industrial history when the vast majority of the organized working class have given their industrial , financial and moral support to one group of workers for any length of time .
4 Any new food regime has to be simple to follow if you are to stick with it for any length of time .
5 It is almost impossible to keep such a tight regime going for any length of time .
6 Crash diets are very difficult to keep to for any length of time .
7 You should try to find a copyist … wherever you stay for any length of time .
8 I did n't get much opportunity to talk to for any length of time but she managed to arrange to meet with the others with young babies and we planned to get together again later that week .
9 Here , the ocean is the only large store of water and the only place where a water molecule stays for any length of time .
10 As its name implies , the infection attacks the lymphatic system , and , although the disease is localized rather than systemic , it can produce considerable destruction of tissue near the genitalia , particularly in women , if allowed to continue untreated for any length of time .
11 The advent of commercial and domestic freezing equipment means that what we eat is no longer limited by the time of year — although whether you consider the flavour of food which has been deep frozen for any length of time to be as good is another matter .
12 Unfortunately , household expenses do n't go away just because you 're in hospital or ca n't work for any length of time .
13 When you have used a certain rod for any length of time you become accustomed to its ‘ feel ’ .
14 It was suggested in Chapter Four that people who possessed three specific characteristics would have been highly unlikely to remain at home for any length of time .
15 It said that inherently bad foundations and faulty construction meant that the cost of maintaining the old building for any length of time ‘ must be necessarily large ’ , and even at the time of his examination the building was undergoing further repairs .
16 People react in different ways to odours , for example most people would probably describe rural odours or odour from a brewery , perfumery , or fish and chip shop as pleasant , but not all , some would find them unpleasant , pungent even , especially after being subjected to them for any length of time .
17 The movements of wintering birds and passage migrants clearly overlap , but the records suggest that comparatively few of the birds recorded from August to October and in April stay for any length of time .
18 It was hard to keep a juvenile troupe together for any length of time .
19 Slurry stored for any length of time undergoes anaerobic fermentation — and becomes very unpleasant when disturbed .
20 Typical examples of this are the inability to have biosensors that can operate effectively for any length of time in blood and the need for anticoagulants during extracorporeal procedures such as dialysis and heart-lung bypass operations .
21 This is not too strong and if the ferret should by any chance be lost for any length of time the muzzle rots through and , instead of starving , the ferret is able to hunt and kill for itself .
22 If lost , the ferret can not survive for any length of time .
23 The last thing in the world she had thought of becoming was a parson 's wife , and if she were to consider it for any length of time she would refuse through lack of courage .
24 When standing for any length of time , remember that a wide base is more stable than a small one .
25 Because of the extensive location work , Dustin , who disliked being away from his family for any length of time , insisted on Anne and Karina joining him at a house he had rented in Billings , Montana .
26 A gouache painting can be worked at for any length of time , varying from the essential speed required in capturing sky effects through to the meticulous detail of foreground rock formations grasses and wild flowers .
27 Whatever type of path you intend to lay , you will have to give it a proper foundation if it is to last for any length of time .
28 Rarely had they been left alone together for any length of time , but one thing now seemed certain .
29 The two longer serving assistant housekeepers are familiar with her ways , but she has found it difficult to keep a third for any length of time , and the present incumbent appears sullen and resentful .
30 Why not get used to doing this stretch throughout the day — especially if you have been sitting in the same position for any length of time ?
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