Example sentences of "let me [adv] finish " in BNC.

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1 No no let me please finish my original statement .
2 Let me just finish off now by illustrating what leads to the outcome and how a a of a particular infectious condition and the combination of the factors that we think lead to these outcomes .
3 Let me just finish this off .
4 Let me just finish
5 Okay , let me just finish this section then we 'll take er we 'll er we 'll take a break to er take a break for the rest of the day actually yes .
6 No thank you , I , please let me just finish clearing and I 'll , I 'll get it finished off quickly .
7 let me just finish this game
8 I 'll be with you in a minute , let me just finish making the tea
9 erm I 'm conscious of the fact that I 've been going on for perhaps too long and I may not have said quite enough about Darwin , but let me just finish by saying this that it 's not possible today , I believe , to discuss any important problem in biology without Darwin 's thought being absolutely central to what you 're saying all the time .
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