Example sentences of "strike i at the time " in BNC.

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1 It never struck me at the time .
2 It struck me at the time that there was something rather apt about such a pedestrian people developing such a pedestrian means of covert assassination — ’ He broke off to laugh at his own pun .
3 That was his word , and it struck me at the time that it was extreme language for a man of his temperament .
4 What struck me at the time about the " battle " between Bennett and Slessor was that Bennett acted as an agent for his C-in-C as well as in his , own personal interest .
5 Erm I I 'm speaking from recollection sir at having looked into this in the context of planning appeal which is now a little while ago , but it did strike me at the time that er there was a definite feeling that the agricultural issue was very strong protection of ag agricultural land throughout was a strong issue up to er the mid nineteen eighties and certainly was up to the time in late seventy nine early nineteen eighty and er therefore there was a feeling that Policy E three simply er was supplementary to those other policies .
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