Example sentences of "assume [conj] the [noun sg] is " in BNC.

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1 This closing technique assumes that the buyer is willing to purchase but moves the decision to whether the colour should be red or blue , the delivery should be Tuesday or Friday , the payment in cash or credit , etc .
2 The cereal-packet image assumes that the man is the breadwinner and the woman is responsible for domestic tasks including child-care , cleaning and cooking .
3 This assumes that the bathroom is next to or above the kitchen ( as is usually the case ) ; if running hot water to another room ( a bedroom , say ) will create a very long pipe run , it might be simpler to install a separate instantaneous or small storage heater .
4 She always does this — assumes that the money is hers when she saves something out of the housekeeping .
5 It simply assumes that the past is of consuming interest , and through its richness and rareness of reference , and the elegance with which it is written , makes it so .
6 Two strictly rational players , each of whom assumes that the other is strictly rational , can do nothing but defect if they both know how many rounds the game is destined to run .
7 If there is no load torque then this motor torque is used to accelerate the motor/load inertia ( 1' ) , therefore : This is an equation of simple harmonic motion for the rotor position and so the natural frequency of rotor oscillation about the equilibrium position is : The simple analysis of oscillation frequency assumes that the system is undamped .
8 The above.discussion rather assumes that the Parliament is a permanent , enduring feature of our constitution .
9 It is an area where a woman may gain control over a man , for while he gaily assumes that the present is spontaneous , and the future an open book , she is quietly mapping out the course of future events and by the time he wakes up to this fact it is too late to do much about it .
10 This assumes that the universe is described by a Friedmann model , right back to the big bang .
11 In particular , in spite of his attempt to avoid positing history as an a priori transcendent law , in the published first volume of the Critique he had still utilized an organicist teleological model of history which assumes that the end is already implicit in the beginning , and that history rolls forward to a determined end .
12 AS far as processor requirements are concerned , the flowchart of Fig. 8.6 assumes that the microprocessor is dedicated to the control of a single stepping motor , but the software could be adapted to the control of several motors .
13 She points to the teddy bear ( that one ) in the first picture and then points to the empty chair in the second picture ( there ) and assumes that the teacher is paying attention to what she is pointing to in their shared context of situation .
14 Such an approach assumes that the disease is attributable to a particular virus or bacteria which can be clearly demonstrated and which hence constitutes the essential cause of the disease .
15 This , however , assumes that the material is absolutely transparent and no losses occur .
16 Like most formal linguists , Lewis assumes that the channel is speech , the code , English , the message-form conversation and the event one where one individual is informing another .
17 It is not , however , assumed that the reader is familiar with ( either implementation of ) Guide .
18 The way of obtaining C outlined above does not assume that the Moon is in hydrostatic equilibrium , which is just as well because it is not .
19 The scholar may assume that the consensus is the same as his or her own idea of crime .
20 We will assume that the date is 1 April .
21 Where hedging of bets ( ‘ ambiguity ’ ) is not just feasible but desirable , we can only assume that the problem is not cancer , but hypochondria .
22 This generally has something to do with the actual failure , but it is possible that the fault is not accurately reflected in this message , so do n't assume that the problem is pin-pointed precisely every time by these messages .
23 Let us assume that the survey is fine .
24 For purposes of exposition we shall assume that the surplus-value is divided equally between accumulation and unproductive consumption .
25 However , let us assume that the habit is broken .
26 Now let's assume that the grass is a little thicker and the putter looks an unsuitable club .
27 You say , ‘ we will naturally assume that the party is travelling together ’ .
28 But no general account of methodology can reasonably assume that the investigator is a native speaker or has native speaker-like intuitions , and for an outsider at least identification involves finding evidence that a linguistic unit varies in a systematic way between speakers , or between different speech styles of a single speaker .
29 Let us assume that the directive is fully supported by the Government , who do not wish to amend one jot or comma of it and who are willing to sign up to its immediate implementation .
30 ‘ I shall not rise to the inevitable sexism which comes from the Government front bench , ’ replied Ms Armstrong , and since not even today 's siren Labour party can consider the word ‘ silly ’ to be sexist we must assume that the objection is to being described as a woman .
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