Example sentences of "wide [noun] of [noun pl] over " in BNC.

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1 This will have a wide range of powers over health , education and housing and over significant aspects of industrial and economic policy ’ .
2 This leaves pension funds with a very wide range of powers over the selection and management of investments and this has attracted a degree of adverse attention in recent years .
3 In recent months , after the computerisation of employment records , the service has been the focus of a wide range of stoppages over staffing .
4 After that going for gold involves participating in a wide range of activities over a period of at least 18 months .
5 Manufacturers selling a wide range of products over a wide geographical area to a market numbered in millions would find it prohibitively expensive to set up their own Highstreet stores , even if they were permitted to proliferate in this way .
6 A wide range of vestments over the decades in liturgical colours of white , gold , red , green , violet and black , were displayed artistically .
7 Freeman , a BAIE member , initiated British Gas 's sponsorship of the Bobby Charlton sports school , which has enabled 10,000 youngsters all over Britain to receive free tuition in a wide range of sports over the past four years .
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