Example sentences of "though it is [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 In addition it was decided only to examine information that is external to the company and available from formal sources even though it is well known ( and was confirmed in discussions with the companies themselves ) that a considerable use is made of internal and informal information .
2 For example , I wonder why there are no English-speaking contributors to the Panofsky centenary conference , even though it is well known that this approach was most fully developed in the English-speaking world .
3 However , much of this work is heavily weighted towards the study of individual words , even though it is widely recognized that most vocabulary growth comes from encountering words in the course of reading .
4 Britain points out that the Bush Administration is still using its political weight in the IMF to block financial relief for Vietnam , even though it is widely recognised that the exodus from Vietnam will only stop when living standards improve .
5 Even though it is generally recognised that , at best , the principles of operant conditioning described in Verbal Behaviour contribute but a small part to our understanding of the processes of language development , this does not immediately rule out the possibility of employing techniques based upon operant conditioning to help those children who are not developing language in the normal way .
6 The Act does not define what actually constitutes an artistic work , though it is generally accepted that it would cover any product made by an artist or craftsperson , which is normally unique , hand-made and makes a personal expressive statement .
7 It is , in fact , remarkably simple for managers to do this , though it is rarely done .
8 This is the principle , though it is rarely done as nakedly as this .
9 In short , patchiness , in space and time , is as much a feature of the oceans as it is of land ; indeed , ‘ patchiness ’ is a great principle in ecology — though it is rarely singled out as such .
10 Such knowledge is always centred in a self even though it is outward looking , searching for power and control of what is other to it .
11 There is a great deal of scalic movement , though it is mostly hidden by notes leaping out of direction and back again .
12 A brand new ILE-compatible C compiler has been announced , though it is yet to ship and there are statement of directions regarding REXX and Cobol Compilers .
13 Supplied on compact disk , NetWare SunLink runs on SunOS 4.1. x operating systems and above , under the Open Look graphical environment , though it is also supplied with a command line interface .
14 It appears to have undergone reduction in the Endopterygota , though it is probably represented by the dense reticulation present in certain orders of Exopterygota such as the Odonata .
15 But he stresses that the progress in contemplative experience , reformation in feeling developing from reformation in faith , is part of an organic process of growth to a peace and fulfilment the longing for which is innate in man who may mistakenly and unnaturally think it resides in material circumstances : Scale 2 is pervaded by a sense of the reality of a dimension to human experience beyond the confines of time and sin , though it is only accessed through them .
16 Nor do I feel compelled to depart from that conclusion by the fact that , under the present practice , a local authority which acts as a relator in a relator action is required to give an undertaking in damages even though it is so proceeding in order to enforce the law in the public interest .
17 It is not bard to imagine legionaries marching briskly along this track because , even though it is now walled as a result of the nineteenth-century enclosures , it runs straight as a spear across the fell , totally unlike the whirligig roads of the drovers and packmen .
18 The precise number is unknown ; but in the 1970s , two American biologists , TL Erwin and JC Scott , produced a plausible estimate , of around 10 million , though it is now thought that the true figure may be around 50 million .
19 Why he did not sustain the promise of the works of the 1890s is not clear , though it is certainly connected with the change to a much more conservative and less experimental architectural climate in Britain in the 1900s , when there was a revival of baroque and French Renaissance architecture ; it may also be to do with Townsend 's own equivocal and confused attitude towards the value of architectural traditions .
20 The Rheidol line offers some of the most spectacular scenery available on Welsh railways and , as far as railway enthusiasts are concerned , the line still has much to offer even though it is still recovering after being reduced to virtual siding status in the last year 's of British Rail management .
21 ICL is keeping schtum on the progress of its Texas Instruments Inc Viking-based Model 764 , though it is still shooting for the fourth quarter .
22 More recent work has demonstrated that the allochthon is not quite as confused as was formerly thought , and the term Argille scagliose has been dropped in Italy ( though it is still used in many other parts of the world ) .
23 Since airborne sound will travel up through the ceiling into the room above , and from there through the party wall , it may still be a nuisance , even though it is somewhat diminished .
24 It involves the disinterested pursuit of truth , beauty or goodness , even though it is always mixed up with other motivations such as the search for social importance ( knowledge is power ) , or for status and acceptance , or for the comforts of a dream world , or for the individual self-realisation which involves the establishment of a personal identity .
25 Though it is often suggested that Metastrongylus may transmit some of the porcine viruses , and may enhance the effect of viruses already present in the lungs , the role of the worm is not conclusively proven .
26 This last kind of connection , though it is sometimes treated as a kind of cohesion ( Halliday and Hasan 1976:28–7 ) , is really too dependent upon individual experience and knowledge to be treated as a formal link .
27 Historically , engineering has had to distance itself from the sound of metal-bashing , and agriculture has become fiercely scientific and managerial ; while the obvious skill element in medicine and veterinary work only comes after a thoroughly academic grounding ( though it is sometimes pointed out rather unkindly that surgeons evolved from barbers ) .
28 Though it is sometimes said that Hilbert 's theorem killed invariant theory , this is not entirely correct .
29 The Northern Dairy Shorthorn is officially a rare breed in Britain , though it is sometimes included under the Dairy Shorthorn umbrella in that it is registered in the Coates herdbook , albeit with a separate code to identify the bloodlines .
30 Lynda Moss , editor of the RSC 's journal Methods in Organic Synthesis , said that it does not often crop up in published syntheses , though it is sometimes used as a source of in reactions as well as being a solvent .
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