Example sentences of "though [pron] be [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 I personally could n't begin to choose a favourite on this album , though I am especially fascinated by the Gregorian chant influence of Ebudea .
2 As regards myself I rarely ever tire or find the day too long though I am constantly walking a circumstance which being considered much to my health being better able to bear fatigue than when last I walked over the hills with you and I found your advice not to take spirits very very judicious .
3 The obstructions , though I was never told this , included the actual stands of the course on the western end .
4 On the other hand though I was really drunk so maybe I only remember it that way John turned round to me at the end and said , I ca n't understand you All the people I know , when they get pissed , they start fights , whereas you just seem really happy
5 I must have studied her with attention for I find that I can at this moment , however reluctantly , see her face before me as distinctly as though I was still sitting in that coffee bar with a quarter of an inch of the brown dregs left in my cup .
6 It seemed like fate at the time — as though I were specially meant to meet him .
7 They learn a lot more at my talks , even though I 'm just going over the very basics of the subject .
8 Mrs Tansley says it is over 58 years since she made her debut in opera and she never did any more , though she is well known in villages in the Guisborough area where her talent has been in demand at concerts .
9 ‘ We saw her yesterday afternoon and though she is still getting treatment she is better . ’
10 The young woman feels curiously as though she is only playing at house once more when she goes into the first flat or home that she can truly call her own .
11 In the company of work on offer here , the woman artist still finds herself on the defensive though she is laudably engaged in what Roberta Smith calls , the creation of ‘ a new kind of aesthetic back-talk ’ .
12 Katie 's college did , though she 's yet to find out whether potential employers will be similarly impressed .
13 She says she feels she 's being punished even though she 's only trying to do what 's best .
14 And — though she 's never met him — he 's the only one of whom she 's reluctant to speak .
15 Though she was completely covered she might just as well have been wearing nothing at all .
16 For one brief moment it felt as though she was almost drowning in ecstasy , and then she felt Ross removing his lips , cursing violently under his breath as he withdrew his arms from about her body .
17 And when he bent his head , first to one breast and then the other , his lips closing over her swollen nipples , she felt as though she was almost going to die of excitement .
18 Alyssia refused to give in to any urge to stare at Piers , though she was sorely tempted .
19 He looked as though she was deliberately punishing him .
20 It is as though she was deliberately coaxed into that warm and shabby coffee bar by whatever saving force or spirit I can feel ever more strongly in this no longer quite so bleak habitation of mine .
21 She recovered herself a little , though she was still trembling .
22 More and more , Beth found herself acting as the buffer between them , and curiously enough , at times when she sought to protect him , it seemed as though she was actually having to fight her own husband .
23 ‘ Damian … ! ’ she whispered , saying his name as though it was the most precious sound in the world , gaining intense pleasure from it on her lips as though she was really saying , I love you , I love you .
24 It was something she 'd never admit doing , though she was always doing it .
25 In view of Alain 's remarks on the subject she felt quite honoured , even though she was only given small tasks .
26 " Thanks , " he said , drily , " oh , thanks ! " and began stripping off his jersey , as though she were already gone .
27 ‘ Julia , ’ she said , as though she were just waking up .
28 Had she really managed to look as though she were still holding together ?
29 They wept on their last day of work : ‘ I felt terrible ’ ; ‘ it seemed as though you were suddenly cut off from life . ’
30 Man can , to some extent , tell where sounds are coming from , though we are often fooled by reflected sounds .
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