Example sentences of "though [pron] [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 We have an awkward , and increasingly tense discussion about the use of such songs — for though I wholeheartedly agree that all the ideas they promote are self-evidently good things , I worry simply whether such songs have any positive effect — and they start bandying the word ‘ cynic ’ .
2 But the outbreak of war on 3 September 1939 made a second Merstham visit impossible , though I always regretted that it could not he managed .
3 It never occurred to her to worry about what was to be done with her , though she wryly thought that the hospitality of the military establishment seemed to be a constant throughout human history .
4 Trish obviously has a great rapport with the odd character , though she freely admits that he , despite his talent , is an unrewarding sort of horse .
5 Folly nodded , trying not to show her distaste , even though she privately thought that any man who could n't be bothered to remember his wife 's birthday did n't deserve to be married .
6 So she held back on her questioning , though she somehow found that she was telling him of her love of music and how Janáček 's lively sixth movement was one of her particular favourites .
7 She had lived in the States for several years but she still retained her British accent , though she often maintained that she loathed England and would never return to it .
8 And though she half hoped that Friend would wheel alongside her so that she could ignore him , he did n't appear .
9 As so often , first idea best , though you only discover that when you 've decided to discard it and try something else .
10 Of course this sally , and the discovery of our locational ancestry opened the way to friendship , though we soon realised that we had much more in common , not least a sharp sense of humour , which we were both going to need .
11 And the Protestants ' only hope of redressing the imbalance of power created by the French lay in turning to the English , even though they well knew that protestations of Anglo-Scottish friendship and desire for union in no way wiped out the instinctive hostility between Scots and English which ran so deep that half a century later it would still cause grievous problems for the first king of Britain .
12 The believe that what women are looking for is sensitivity , though they also say that women are looking for funloving men .
13 Shinwell , of course , had little patience with such assertions , though he later conceded that running the finances of the Sailors and Firemen was far from easy .
14 As such , he saw Darwinian theory as having something to say to social scientists , even though he also emphasised that there is a ‘ cultural ’ level specifically associated with conceptualising human beings .
15 It turned out that our candidate , who came to address us one evening , knew my Aunt Kit and had the greatest admiration for her , even though he also knew that the only reason why she had not been offered another , safer constituency after 1945 was that it had become too obvious she was unable to keep off the drink .
16 Although Invergordon had cut back production like most other distillers , Dr Greig stressed that there would be no closures or job losses , though he also said that life was ‘ becoming more competitive all the time ’ .
17 Darwin , on the other hand felt that if bodies could evolve from one form to the other , therefore the mind could as well , though he freely admitted that he had no ideas concerning the essential nature of mind itself , nor even of life .
18 Kingsley Amis , similarly , once remarked on television how much he disapproved of the book — ‘ Nobs ’ appeal , ’ he remarked crushingly , ‘ the appeal of nobs , ’ though he generously added that he often reread it .
19 Though he now said that he was ‘ no longer very much interested in my own theories about poetic drama , especially those put forward before 1934 ’ , the old interests which had fascinated him from his first dramatic Fragments continued to grip him , leading to the fact that each of his dramas had as its ‘ sort of springboard ’ a ‘ Greek myth ’ .
20 Wordsworth 's painting would have been ‘ a mine of peaceful years , etc. ’ ( lines 21–32 ) ; that is , it would have represented his youthful ideas about life , which he really thought were true , though he now sees that they were deluded ( line 29 ) .
21 Though he rightly acknowledges that large parts of the country were unaffected by this enclosure movement , his concentration on it gives us a somewhat unbalanced picture .
22 May we have a change in our procedure for questioning the Leader of the House who last week announced the business for the following week even though he apparently knows that the election is to be called for 9 April and that the business will therefore be changed ?
23 Though he occasionally complained that his agent pushed too much work in his direction , he appears to have turned nothing down , accepting even very slight commissions from the Penrose Annual or the Complete Imbiber .
24 His preferred model of government was a Chinese one — that of the Mandarinate ; though he readily admitted that its chances of introduction into France were extremely small .
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