Example sentences of "though [pron] [be] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 He came out with some good one-liners , though I 'm told that his agent employs a script-writer to cobble up these spontaneous flashes of wit . ’
2 As though okay my sis and my sister 's right she , Andrea , she 's really trying to make it look as though she 's going that erm you Daniel and Mark are beating me up and stuff yeah ?
3 Though she was wishing that , after all , she 'd taken a seat , for she suspected he was rather enjoying letting her stew in her own juice .
4 Though they are predicting that the German economy will shrink for the year , they expect growth to resume in the fourth quarter .
5 People who were incredibly enthusiastic at first dropped out because they thought the language barrier would be a major problem , even though they were assured that an English-speaking teacher would accompany the children .
6 It denies the existence of a general obligation to obey the law even in a reasonably just society , though it is argued that just governments may exist , and that in certain circumstances their existence is preferable to any alternative method of social organization .
7 They include ‘ speed restraint points ’ ( which appear similar to speed tables or raised crossings ) ; speed control bends of more than 90 degrees deflection and with tight radii and mountable shoulders ; speed control islands to interrupt unavoidably long and straight stretches of road where speeds would otherwise be excessive ; and speed control humps , though it is warned that these ‘ ought not to be used in new housing schemes when other speed reducing features would be effective . ’
8 The differing viewpoints are here polarised into the two major value positions set out below , though it is recognised that these positions represent relatively extreme points on a dimension of views , rather than two all-embracing categories .
9 There is a carved cupboard here dated 1687 , though it is believed that the cottage is older .
10 Nor were beards a feature of traditional Republican portraits , though it is said that in the early Republic the Romans wore beards and long hair .
11 It is expected that the emphasis will be on the 1965 model , though it is hoped that those students who choose this as the topic for more detailed study will learn something or earlier and later development .
12 Tempting though it is to believe that the top-priced grands vins must be the biggest bargains of all , the opposite is in fact the case .
13 For example , though it is known that some 80 per cent of pedestrian fatalities in Britain occur on built-up roads , statistics are not available separately for residential areas .
14 Such major physical impacts are fairly easy to assess , but not enough work has yet been done to assess the effect of visitors on wildlife itself , though it is known that shy species will decline , while common species will often increase , and that fauna both on land and in water will decline faster than flora ( Liddle and Scorgie , 1980 ) .
15 The history of the domestication of many of the fruit trees of the tropics may therefore never be disentangled , though it is known that some of them at least , like the duku and lanseh , forms of Lansium domesticum ( Meliaceae ) , are apomicts .
16 the university has a new duty , we are told : there is a besieging host , everincreasing , of Indians , Africans , Commonwealth people in general , Levantines , who aspire to become university teachers of English literature , and must therefore have a PhD — preferably a Cambridge one ( though it is admitted that a large proportion of them could n't hope to take the English Tripos with much credit — even if they could pass ) .
17 Schools could work forwards or backwards in time ( though it is expected that at all times there will be reference to time-lines , and time-charts , and that attention will be given to the question " when did this happen in the past ? " ) .
18 Both Soviet and British spheres of influence should be discouraged as far as possible , though it was accepted that such spheres would be among the inescapable facts of contemporary life .
19 By 1979 The Economist was implying that the government 's new cost control team under Sir Derek Rayner ( head of Marks and Spencer ) had effectively killed PAR , though it was anticipated that this body would do similar work by introducing business methods of accounting into government .
20 Some schemes were , moreover , undertaken , even though it was known that they would make a loss , because of the statutory duty to supply .
21 Even though it was suggested that such crises may at some point lead to a collapse of the system , this is not inevitable nor even highly probable .
22 All Dobry 's major recommendations for changes in the system were rejected , though it was stressed that their objectives could typically be achieved if local authorities adopted ‘ the most efficient working methods .
23 Colonel Lamb 's wound was above the knee , the report said , though it was feared that he might lose the leg .
24 In comparison the trade union movement did little until the subsidy ended on 30 April 1926 , even though it was expected that the Samuel Commission would be unable to offer a compromise which might be agreeable to both coal owners and unions .
25 I was told on more than one occasion , that I should not really let outsiders see this sort of thing , even though it was agreed that what I had written was an accurate analysis of events .
26 In 1984 , the Court of Session in Edinburgh ( Hay/Briton against Central Regional Council ) refused a 53 year old grandmother custody or access to her six year old grandchild , though it was agreed that the ‘ most significant relationship ’ the child had was with this grandmother .
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