Example sentences of "to the naked eye " in BNC.

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1 This last category is the thing that started , at least to the naked eye , in Berkeley , California about 1964 , and swept around the world reaching its zenith about 1969–70 — just five years flat .
2 We merely became accustomed to the general life of the common birds and animals , and to the appearances of trees and clouds and everything upon the surface that showed itself to the naked eye ’ .
3 Polished metal looks as smooth and featureless as glass to the naked eye but , unlike glass , it is a crystalline material ; it solidifies as a network of tiny grains which can be seen if the metal is etched with a dilute acid and examined under a microscope ( fig. 5.11a ) .
4 The mite is just visible to the naked eye and feeds on honey bees and their grubs by sucking their body fluids .
5 We 'd been prepared to buy houses with flaws invisible to the naked eye , but now we 'd fallen for one with all its flaws only too obviously visible .
6 But many kinds of bacteria in nature form elaborate colonies , often quite visible to the naked eye , in which different individuals perform different functions , so that the whole colony functions as if it were a single organism .
7 But the vast expanse of the oceans seems devoid of plants — at least to the naked eye ; and if weed grows conspicuously on coral reefs , then that is a often a sign that all is not well .
8 Because the creatures of the plankton individually are small , they are not always visible to the naked eye .
9 Because they are so faint , not a single one is visible to the naked eye .
10 And yet another 10 per cent of stars are white dwarfs , dim stars the size of Earth and all invisible to the naked eye .
11 Protozoa are much larger than bacteria or viruses , although still not visible to the naked eye .
12 The sand and silt particles , which are roughly spherical in shape range from 2,000 microns ( ″ ) to 50 microns in diameter ( sands ) and from 50 to 2 microns ( silts ) ; the finer silt particles being indistinguishable individually to the naked eye .
13 However , some cells , like the large eggs of frogs , are easily visible , and the human egg is just visible to the naked eye .
14 The human and mouse eggs are about one tenth of a millimetre in diameter and are just visible to the naked eye .
15 Smoothing by an arithmetic procedure can sometimes , however , reveal patterns not immediately obvious to the naked eye .
16 Well , it can sometimes reveal patterns not immediately obvious to the naked eye ; an example of this is shown in exercise 9.3 .
17 The video-tape being produced was obviously defective , even to the naked eye .
18 All the internal organs looked pretty normal to the naked eye .
19 Alcock saw this as another opportunity to produce valuable results , but first , he would have to learn the stars down to magnitude eight , over six times fainter than those visible to the naked eye .
20 It should be visible to the naked eye as a fuzzy patch ( without a tail ) two to three times the size of the Moon , and moving at a relatively high speed — by about its own diameter every hour .
21 There was one girl in particular who interested Harriet , a small girl with hair cut gamin short , whose face was so expressive that it seemed to reflect every one of the emotions that they were all feeling , these midinettes who had basted hemlines and stitched hooks and eyes into place , positioned trimmings and sewed them into place with such tiny stitches that they were all but invisible to the naked eye .
22 Starring with the diminutive Bob Hoskins , she lets her breasts bounce on top of his head in a blur of movement that passes almost unnoticed to the naked eye .
23 Many of these parasites are invisible to the naked eye .
24 For John Simon , it was ‘ so puny a play that if it were not extended in all directions by Dustin Hoffman 's life-giving performance , it would barely be discernible to the naked eye .
25 Although very little of the red underpainting is discernible to the naked eye in the finished portrait , its effect is perceptible in the freshness of the skin tones and the convincing wholesomeness of the flesh .
26 This stripe , which gives rise to the alternative name for this area , the striate cortex , is visible to the naked eye in sections of the human brain .
27 To the naked eye the brain has a disturbingly homogeneous appearance .
28 In order to make a weekly sum of money even dimly visible to the naked eye , she had to translate fifty pages a week , a drudgery she tried to regard as ineluctable as brushing her teeth or washing the kitchen floor .
29 Through his telescope Galileo observed more things in the heavens than had ever been dreamed of : moons of Jupiter and myriads of stars invisible to the naked eye .
30 The wall opposite the door , constructed of rows of teak slats , contained two seamless sliding doors , invisible to the naked eye , which could only be activated by miniature sonic transmitters .
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