Example sentences of "keep an eye on [noun pl] " in BNC.

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1 Throughout the day those working the lifts and keeping an eye on skiers actually — wait for it — smiled .
2 What the company will contribute or take from OMG is unclear , even to Sybase itself at the moment ; it says it is keeping an eye on developments .
3 He says do n't be frightened , he 's keeping an eye on things for you . ’
4 Actually , Helen and Geoff are away ( with the children , of course , it 's Spain again this year I think ) , and Mr Davis 's boy Kevin from the house on the corner is keeping an eye on things and doing the garden for them .
5 Asked why , he replied : ‘ Just keeping an eye on things .
6 And there , if he looked hard to the right , was the tower of the church , like a benevolent old watchdog , keeping an eye on things , protective , changeless .
7 As a consequence , the members of the team have been thrown back on what amounts to a re-discovery of the mental welfare officer role — visiting , keeping an eye on things , and acting as a gatekeeper for routing some resources to individuals and families .
8 ‘ I had this anonymous tip-off about a man answering your description , the caller said something about a missing member of the aristocracy , so I 've been keeping an eye on things . ’
9 Big brother will be keeping an eye on things . ’
10 A bit difficult to explain — I was sort of keeping an eye on things . ’
11 Although he was supposed to be in charge of the printing works it was the foreman , Mike Treloar , who ran it with Uncle keeping an eye on things and deciding policy .
12 This is mainly because erm there are so many diverse services that might help in the erm general support and education of a special child that integration is necessary and that really one person should be keeping an eye on things , as it were .
13 Yeah erm I du n no if it would do much good actually but er yeah but er no she , she 's , she 's quite good about you know sort of erm you know kind of keeping an eye on students and , and stuff like that , anyway er so if you could right
14 We 're keeping an eye on gangsters , black marketeers and revolutionaries .
15 With one sergeant I had then , I used to make up stories about keeping an eye on thieves if he did n't find me at the points .
16 As the crowd grew , pressing against the window , the Divisional Police Commissioner Rousselet , who had been keeping an eye on events , sent a policeman down with orders to have the nude painting removed from the window .
17 ‘ They 're invaluable for keeping an eye on competitors ’ activities and can save thousands of pounds in research and development .
18 Few authorities are likely to follow Westminster , although many will keep an eye on developments .
19 The areas where neighbours would keep an eye on things were Wester Ross and Speyside , both close-knit farming communities .
20 From where does he keep an eye on things ?
21 She also warned Quinn of the abrasive Kevin Brown , who had chosen her for this mission and had established himself in London with a team of eight to ‘ keep an eye on things ’ .
22 Auguste caught a brief glimpse of himself in the small mirror he had unobtrusively arranged in order that he might keep an eye on events taking place behind his back ; the surreptitious addition of Mrs Marshall 's abominable Coralline pepper , for example , to an imperfect sauce .
23 The local EHO was satisfied with our standards during his last visit and our maintenance manager is our health and officer so he also keeps an eye on things . ’
24 Had no such provision been made , and had it merely been left to the initiative of backbenchers to keep an eye on instruments tabled , it is highly probable that many instruments would become or remain law with never a critical eye being cast over them .
25 But I have to keep an eye on prices .
26 H. P. We used to keep an eye on pubs where the sergeant and the constable used to do a month at a time , visiting the cinemas , theatres , and public houses , licensed places , and do some pubs , night after night — just checking things , and at five past ten , you 'd be right in checking they were keeping to closing time .
27 But rest assured : in the longer term , giving reasons will certainly foster their compliance and , most important , the sort of reliability you can depend upon even when you are not there to keep an eye on things .
28 I did a 50% water change and phoned the manufacturer who told me to keep an eye on things .
29 No work was carried out on Sundays , though a watchman was appointed to keep an eye on things , being paid 1/ the day .
30 With a good , happy and well-looked-after staff and a first-class butler in charge of everything , all you needed was a committee of half a dozen blokes who were elected by popular vote to keep an eye on things and keep things lively , come up with new ideas , that sort of stuff .
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