Example sentences of "can [adv] be said to " in BNC.

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1 But with the hindsight of Frey 's distinction ( also Regan 's ) between having an interest and something 's being in one 's interest , this route is denied Singer because water , sunlight , and even perhaps preservation , in tune with the tree 's needs , can rightly be said to be in its interests .
2 In addition to the above criteria of articulation and recognition of breaches , a further necessary condition must be satisfied : actions can only be said to be rule-governed when some other alternative actions are possible .
3 The existence of the debt can only be said to be a ‘ burden ’ if the government is constrained in its use of lump-sum taxes .
4 The supporters of O M O V have put their arguments in what can only be said to be a ham-fisted and insulting way .
5 No area of the law can ever be said to be easy but the legislation dealing with obscene and indecent publications seems to be unduly complicated .
6 Bruges goes to bed early and can hardly be said to be throbbing with night-life .
7 Quite obviously the playwright has largely pre-empted negotiation of this kind ; also , a theatrical performance can hardly be said to be a social interaction in a normal sense as the actor 's concern is to describe to someone outside the interaction on stage — to the spectator .
8 The development of computer-based public access systems to the holdings of one or more libraries , together with advances in online bibliographic searching , have increasingly led to the use of CAI programmes for user training , yet use of CAI programmes can hardly be said to be widespread .
9 But any magazine that retains a nonagenarian film critic and a weekly cartoonist who has entered his eighth decade can hardly be said to be immature .
10 Conversely , a spirit of self-criticism and renewal can hardly be said to be absent from the religious sphere when one of the problems faced by institutionalized orthodoxies has been to contain the eruption of reform and sectarian revolt .
11 She moves ( for example ) between speaking of the crucifixion of Christ ( fact ) to the cosmic nature of Christ — which can hardly be said to be ‘ true ’ in the sense of an empirically known fact .
12 And a further principle was established — that of ‘ conflict of interest ’ , in which a manager who advises an artist to sign with his own recording and music publishing companies can hardly be said to be acting impartially , or necessarily in the best interests of his client .
13 Instead it turns out to be very much concerned with rhetoric , which can hardly be said to be new for this age or even essentially syntactic .
14 But such generalizations as these , while perhaps being applicable to a few individuals of each country , can reasonably be said to be prejudiced statements based on inadequate sampling .
15 There is a natural logic to such a structure in that management can reasonably be said to be about making the best use of the resources available and , to this extent , is a normal part of the clinical process .
16 That Bellow , this participant in Roth 's inner life , can also be said to be out there in the world as his friend , and perhaps his rival , is a fact which does not help one to decide whether or not to trust the reports of literary duality — what comes in has to have been out — but it is very much in the tradition .
17 Not all organizations that claim to be seeking control of the government can realistically be said to be doing so .
18 In fact , black holes can now be said to be really matters of science fact rather than science fiction .
19 To the extent that Catholic Secondary School pupils have received the Sacraments of Initiation and are living in a community of faith , catechesis can validly be said to be a function of the Catholic School .
20 A primary group , with a leader , but with little other ‘ organization ’ in it , can therefore be said to be ‘ a number of individuals who have put one and the same object in the place of their ego ideal and have consequently identified themselves with one another in their ego ’ .
21 Surprisingly she discovered that funding for both film-makers and festival organisers is proving as elusive in the larger metropolitan centres as it is here where the state of gay and lesbian film culture can safely be said to be embryonic at best .
22 Of course grandiose ideas of this sort can never be said to be entirely new .
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