Example sentences of "it is [adv] established that " in BNC.

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1 Even where it is positively established that the right person was questioned , who by being present at the time had the nominal responsibility for cleaning the surface in question , the true reason for the fault may lie elsewhere being the result of one or other of the following factors :
2 Today the functions of a local authority almost invariably involve the expenditure of money and it is clearly established that a local authority may not spend money unless it has statutory authority to do so .
3 I hope that the courts of this country will always be vigilant to prevent a misuse of the convention and will not make an order requiring evidence to be given … unless it is clearly established that , even if required for civil proceedings , it is not also sought for criminal [ proceedings ] .
4 Although it is clearly established that Nicholl served in the Grenadier Company , the wings are laced to the pattern of a Light Company .
5 It is clearly established that the onus lies on the party repudiating the signed document to establish the necessary ingredients of non est factum and it would , in my opinion , have been open to the judge simply to have said that there was no evidence before him sufficient to establish Mrs. Steed 's lack of understanding of what she had signed .
6 It is well established that any Palestinian delegates must be acceptable to all parties : if this were not already the case , the Palestinian delegation would be made up of PLO members .
7 It is well established that explicit discrimination training can render the effects of a conditioning procedure context-dependent .
8 It is well established that in the delinquent-prone , home discipline is more liable to be too lax , strict or erratic .
9 It is well established that individuals may be pursued in tort even though the allegedly negligent act or piece of advice itself was in name performed by a company .
10 It is well established that objects are perceived to have the same colour despite quite extensive variations in the colour of the light with which they are illuminated and hence the wavelength of the light they reflect back to the retina .
11 It is well established that αβ TCR play critical roles in the DP to SP transition by interacting with self-ligands expressed on the surface of thymic stroma cells ( positive selection ) .
12 For example if studying for an exam , it is well established that studying for long periods without a break is literally , a waste of time .
13 It is well established that a director is a fiduciary .
14 It is well established that where a wrong is done to a company , the company is the proper plaintiff .
15 It is well established that we are in fact in a state of muscular flaccid paralysis during REM sleep , with the exception of the muscles controlling respiration , and the eyes .
16 It is well established that there are voters whose preferences are influenced by the alphabetical sequence in which candidates ' surnames appear on the ballot paper .
17 Also , it is well established that efficient synthesis of buckminsterfullerene requires high temperatures , which can be understood in terms of the annealing mechanism .
18 It is well established that in certain cases a trading corporation may bring a suit in respect of an imputation on its trading reputation , and I see no reason why a non-trading corporation should not have the same rights as respects imputations on the conduct by it of its activities .
19 It is well established that a public law decision by a local authority may be open to challenge by way of defence or counterclaim to an action brought by the local authority in the High Court or the county court , notwithstanding the fact that if the defendant had sought to begin the proceedings he would have had to do so by way of judicial review : see Wandsworth London Council v. Winder [ 1985 ] A.C. 461 .
20 Fifth , it is well established that , if the Crown pays money out of the consolidated fund without authority , such money is ipso facto recoverable if it can be traced : see Auckland Harbour Board v. The King [ 1924 ] A.C. 318 .
21 It is well established that the judge in a criminal trial has power to call a witness .
22 In particular , it is well established that when a statute has conferred on any body the power to make decisions affecting individuals , the courts will not only require the procedure prescribed by the statute to be followed , but will readily imply so much and no more to be introduced by way of additional procedural safeguards as will ensure the attainment of fairness .
23 It is well established that in the ultimate the right of the individual is paramount .
24 It is well established that the prehistoric amber trade , from Samland on the Baltic coast , used this route , and it was probably also used by German pastoralists and barbarian invaders .
25 Certainly it is well established that a man is not guilty of rape of a woman who is too drunk to consent even where it is he who has coaxed her to drink .
26 It is well established that peptides derived from the gastrin precursor , progastrin , are produced in a number of tumours of endocrine origin , and it seems possible that some primary gastric and colorectal tumours may also contain gastrin .
27 It is well established that cytokines including IFN-α , IFN-Β , IFN-γ , IL2 , TNF-α , and the combination of these can enhance the cytotoxic activity of T cells , natural killer cells , and monocytes in vitro .
28 If the system does not provide for supervision , then the health authority could be primarily liable because it is well established that doctors need to do their training on the job .
29 An undertaking is defined in reg 3 of the Transfer Regulations as including any trade or business , and as a result of a series of cases ( Kenmir Ltd v Frizzell [ 1968 ] 1 All ER 414 ; Batchelor v Premier Motors ( Romford ) Ltd COIT 1359/181 19.11.82 ; Premier Motors ( Medway ) Ltd v Total Oil ( GB ) Ltd [ 1984 ] ICR 58 ; Spijkers v Gebr Benedik Abattoir CV [ 1986 ] 2 CMLR 296 ) it is well established that there will be a transfer of an undertaking for the purpose of the Transfer Regulations only if " the business concerned is transferred as a going concern " .
30 It is well established that the loss of such services can be the basis of a claim under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 .
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