Example sentences of "it is [adv] suggest that " in BNC.

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1 The present programme is the most profitable and therefore it is strongly suggested that no changes are implemented .
2 In soil geography it is generally suggested that the systems approach was formally applied by Nikiforoff ( 1959 ) although earlier he had distinguished accumulative and non-accumulative soils and so implicitly involved an open system attitude ( Nikiforoff , 1949 ) .
3 Despite such differences and tensions , it is nevertheless suggested that these are best viewed as variations within the functionalist style of public law thought .
4 However , it is nevertheless suggested that the draftsman is unlikely to be able to provide a satisfactory procedure for future disputes without losing most of the advantages of determination by expert .
5 When discussing the poor state of British film , now so negligible it hardly deserves to be referred to as an industry , it is frequently suggested that the future lies in Europe .
6 It is even suggested that in the United States the routine exposure of the population to radionuclide release from coal burning in that country could be significant and possibly comparable with the effects from nuclear power ( Wilson et al. , 1980 ) .
7 It is even suggested that an homogeneous technological base will erase the distinctions between archives , libraries and museums ( Rayward 1993 ) .
8 IBM now has 13 autonomous business units , with nine focused on specific product lines , and it is widely suggested that some of these need heavyweight industry veterans to run them effectively .
9 It is also suggested that the taxability of removal expenses where a foreign national comes to the UK but does not dispose of his or her existing house should not be taxable .
10 It is also suggested that the six areas provide important qualitative information with respect to a child 's command of grammar and have particular relevance to the planning of intervention .
11 Rumours abound ; it is said that Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed here after his defeat in 1745 , and it is also suggested that the house was a centre of smuggling as it stands a mere hundred yards from the head of the Solway Firth .
12 It is also suggested that , provided we plunge below the surface of these theories , certain important links between them may be revealed .
13 It is also suggested that , in the interests of health , we should maintain our weight within desirable limits .
14 It is also suggested that the hilltop crossroad site between Newton-on-the-Moor and Cawledge Bridge might have been where cyclists once paused to rest and admire the view .
15 14 It is also suggested that documents are lodged in public libraries .
16 It is also suggested that the release is sent to the Glasgow Herald and the Scottish County Press ; the latter group covers a number of local papers ( some of which are also considered suitable for Statutory Notices , see paragraph 11c ) .
17 It is also suggested that experiential learning associated with employment may have been of value to these students .
18 It is also suggested that determination by the tenant would give rise to a breach , ie failure to carry out the tenant 's works .
19 It is also suggested that a company tenant which has already created a charge or debenture over future acquired property would be in breach of this clause upon exchange of agreements .
20 It is often suggested that the issue of the ordination of women is a major obstacle to progress .
21 It is often suggested that in Italy the general public is more receptive to the idea of mental hospital residents returning to live in the community .
22 It is often suggested that ‘ the members ’ as the beneficiaries of directors ' duties means ‘ the present and future members ’ .
23 It is often suggested that they are cheaper .
24 Indeed , it is often suggested that a major problem with the procedure is its lack of accessibility to the private citizen .
25 It is often suggested that the succession issue was a major source of controversy between Whigs and Tories .
26 Because the eruptions burst from the viscous sub-layer , it is often suggested that they are produced by an instability there — particularly as some features of the motion in this region resemble features of transition to turbulence in a boundary layer ( for example , the development of fast- and slow-moving regions mentioned above resembles the development of three-dimensionality illustrated by Fig. 18.1 ) .
27 Though it is often suggested that Metastrongylus may transmit some of the porcine viruses , and may enhance the effect of viruses already present in the lungs , the role of the worm is not conclusively proven .
28 It is sometimes suggested that the closure of rural schools will accelerate depopulation .
29 As one of a variety of possible techniques to develop self-confidence , it is sometimes suggested that ‘ assertiveness training ’ is helpful , the idea being that stress is reduced if one knows , in appropriate circumstances , how to be assertive rather than aggressive .
30 It is sometimes suggested that the absence of note-taking can be a help to the informant , in that it frees him from the inhibiting effects of a recorder and a notebook .
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