Example sentences of "it [adv] clear that a " in BNC.

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1 The law makes it quite clear that a member of a local authority may not be employed by that authority .
2 Article 5 of the convention makes it quite clear that a contracting state such as Libya must either extradite an alleged offender , or prosecute the alleged offender itself .
3 The case of Donson & Frudd v Conoco Ltd , 1973 IRLR 258 , also makes it quite clear that a conviction does not permit the employer unlimited freedom in dealing with employees .
4 We had some very , very moving speeches yesterday , as we had had at previous meetings , which made it quite clear that a few pounds were vital and crucial to people 's lives , so we thought it was a a gesture that was worth making , and I have to say that probably our group also includes people on , as members , as Councillors , who are themselves on income support , so it was a move which was n't without it 's personal difficulties for us either .
5 In Romans 8 and Galatians 5 Paul makes it very clear that a battle royal rages in the lives of believers ; a far greater battle than before their union with Christ .
6 I sat down with LIFE and worked through their philosophy , erm in line with our own as it were , and they agreed , and I would ask them to agree this year that any paperwork or any leaflets they distribute make it very clear that a choice remains for a woman in terms of whether or not she should have an abortion , because LIFE is fairly , yes , Michael ?
7 The Government have made it absolutely clear that a statutory register of council taxpayers is not required .
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