Example sentences of "to [noun] all over the " in BNC.

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1 Soon the calls were going out to groups all over the country .
2 Dee makes plenty of long journeys to clubs all over the country usually in a hired Ford Fiesta , as he does n't own a car .
3 As one of five kids living in the shadow of Filbert Street , Dublin wrote to clubs all over the country and landed a chance at Norwich .
4 With apologies to readers all over the glove ( and especially the innocent contributors ! ) herewith the real version ! :
6 Another notable promotion , to the trade this time , involved Picador 's sending pairs of pink knickers to booksellers all over the country — mostly men — to promote Tama Janowitz' new novel , The Male Cross-Dresser Support Group .
7 They 're sending them out to bookshops all over the country … thousands have already been sold , and the way things are at the moment there does n't look like any let up in sight .
8 Over the past years we 've made well over 1000 grants to organisations all over the UK , some probably just round the corner from you .
9 This is the way to send gifts or goods up to 2kg all over the world .
10 The Met office has just agreed a prestigious deal with the International Civil Aviation Organisation to provide weather data to airlines all over the world .
11 As an artist , he had always made an adequate living , and Willises , carefully packed in stiff board and oiled paper , were despatched — since a number of his patrons were in the Merchant Navy — to ports all over the world for collection .
12 My master finally realized that he could make a fortune by showing me to people all over the country .
13 Since I have had my C.B. I have spoken to people all over the country and even spoken to people in Ireland and Germany .
14 The wretched Lord Fraser , the Lord Advocate of Scotland , was ordered to read out ‘ results ’ of his police inquiry which were completely different from those already read out to newspapers all over the world …
15 What looked like ancient coach-lamps were springing to life all over the high stone walls , like a son et lumière display in some centuries-old castle .
16 Between them they cut thousands of samples each year , binding the edges to stop fraying , applying heat sealed labels with an iron and despatching to destinations all over the country .
17 It gives access to all sorts of information , whether locally provided , or by remote access to systems all over the world .
18 He told me that the sacred water was bottled and sold to Irishmen all over the world for its healing powers .
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