Example sentences of "have [vb pp] a worse [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 The professor said : ‘ Judith has had a worse time than David because all of this is not of her making .
2 This , after all , was no ordinary case of murder and they could scarcely have picked a worse example to further their cause .
3 Darlington could hardly have made a worse start , goalkeeper Mark Prudhoe and his fellow defenders standing frozen to the spot as Preece smartly turned and shot into the top left corner in the ninth minute .
4 Dr Julius Grayling , the man in charge , says that he would have had a worse chance of getting a grant from the Mandan Foundation if he had applied with a literal description of the work he wanted to carry out .
5 Sheila could not have desired a worse profession .
6 He had made a few calls , but could n't have chosen a worse time to be setting up a casual liaison .
7 Taking all types of respondents together their ratings were similar for people who had not been in a residential home at all and those who had been in one for a year or more , while those who had only spent part of the last year of their lives in a residential home were generally felt to have had a worse quality of life : for 39 per cent of them it was rated as poor compared with 27 per cent of the other two groups .
8 No force had taken a worse drubbing in the first mad onrush of Plan XVII than the Second Army that had then been under his command ; yet , in the moment of defeat , he had made an astonishing turnabout .
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