Example sentences of "[noun pl] be just around the corner " in BNC.

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1 A Noel Coward lyric goes ‘ Bad times are just around the corner ’ ( ‘ There are black clouds over the dark cliffs of Dover ’ ) and many homes this Christmas will be Dickensian in a depressing rather than a jolly sense .
2 It would be easy to be a prophet of doom and gloom in these difficult times but in business and in the Association , I sense a new spirit of optimism that better times are just around the corner and that we are at last seeing the tangible signs of recovery .
3 Yet the public is regularly given the impression that a general solution to the problem of natural-language understanding has been found , and that computers with the ability to chat to us and with various other human characteristics are just around the corner .
4 The way this business is moving , you really never know what exciting new opportunities are just around the corner .
5 Preston Street with its many varied restaurants is just around the corner .
6 Old ladies trapped in time imagine they are in 1929 and love 's first blossoms are just around the corner , an old man feels angry and cheated that 40 years of his life have disappeared .
7 Even then , when others were talking of fusion reactors being just around the corner , Cockcroft warmed that ‘ it is difficult for us with our limited vision to see far enough ahead to say whether and when the final goal can be achieved .
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