Example sentences of "long way to [v-ing] " in BNC.

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1 The actual construction of a carpet goes a long way to determining how long it will keep its original appearance .
2 Captain George Sutherland , director of marine operations for Shetland Island Council , said : ‘ The proposals for traffic separation should go a long way to providing protection for the adjacent coastline and we are content with the measures . ’
3 The Law Society have now introduced the Client Care Scheme , which goes a long way to bonding this relationship at the outset .
4 The priority for those of us who live along and use the north Kent line is that line itself , and the £1 billion saved on the project would go a devil of a long way to sorting out the line .
5 So if we could use , insist on issuing licences , that would go a long way to sorting some of these of these problems out .
6 This election could go a long way to sorting that out .
7 These can go a very long way to mollifying those individuals whose journeys are lengthened by traffic-affecting measures .
8 If objectives from the higher categories of Bloom 's taxonomy are included , where students are asked to make judgements , to criticise and evaluate ; and if students are given a range of objectives from which they may make their own choices and even , at the later stages of training , are encouraged to write their own , then this will go a long way to meeting this criticism .
9 Satisfactory tenants would at least keep the house warm and protected , as well as producing an income that would go a long way to meeting your expenses .
10 A large microcomputer system with an extensive range of hardware devices and large block of extra machine-code routines is very flexible and powerful , and would go a long way to meeting the requirements of the program designer , but in realistic terms such a system would be too expensive for most schools at present .
11 The availability of rebates has , however , gone a long way to meeting this objection .
12 He is still extremely grateful to the SMH , though his results on behalf of the paper since have gone a long way to repaying any debt of gratitude .
13 In this way , the learner will gain confidence , and this goes a long way to promoting safe practice if at a later time adequate guidance and support are lacking .
14 While the press , led by The Hindu , has gone a long way to proving that Bofors handed out millions of dollars to Indian middlemen , the identity of the ultimate recipients of the money remains a mystery .
15 Fortunately , our neutering scheme has gone a long way to alleviating this problem . ’
16 Together with thick carpet and underfelt , it should go a long way to pleasing the occupants of the flat below .
17 Smith observed : ‘ I think tomorrow will go a long way to clarifying the picture .
18 Little was known about the products of many of these areas , and much research still needs to be done but Collecting Lustreware goes a long way to redressing the balance .
19 Quite clearly , a small percentage reduction in wastage would go a long way to easing the manpower problems .
20 Whether it 's a long-term or short-term problem you will find gentle exercise and relaxation through yoga will be beneficial to you mentally and physically , and we always find that a good massage goes a long way to easing tension and making you feel better .
21 The cup triumph will go a long way to easing the memory of their loss to Waringstown in the final of the Touche Ross Senior Cup last month and caps a solid season for the Comber side .
22 THE picture above shows the ideal set-up for the modern work station , and the new EC regulations go a long way to achieving this .
23 We need an improved education system , and the Bill will go a long way to achieving that for the benefit of our children .
24 Three books on Clive Sinclair 's £125 colour computer , the ZX Spectrum , go a long way to dispelling both impressions .
25 The head of the Exchange 's advertising department Boris Goldman believes that the opening of the exchange will go a long way to breaking the mafia art market in which Western and Russian intermediaries often knock down prices on Russian works of art .
26 In the meantime this recording should go a long way to helping his cause .
27 The WYSIWYG add-in goes a long way to helping you see how your masterpiece will eventually print out — but only approximately ( it 's pretty much like Windows 1-2-3 in that respect ! ) .
28 What it does is it means that there is a proper look each year at the finances of each individual firm er and er if there are things which are wrong , they are reported straight away and that really I think is the lesser of all of this with B C C I , er that er where things are not all they should be that they are dealt with and they are reported quickly and these orders , Madam Deputy Speaker , go a long way to helping to ensure that and for that reason I believe the house should warmly welcome them .
29 The ‘ Pater Nostra ’ organisation , which will care for physically and mentally handicapped people in Atea , expect to find that by owning their own tractor they will not only go a long way to becoming self-sufficient but will be able to hire out the tractor locally to enhance their income .
30 People do n't usually hit out unless they are upset or angry , so showing you understand their feelings goes a long way to preventing them from expressing that anger towards you .
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