Example sentences of "place at the time " in BNC.

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1 Thus many of the elements of the familiar Victorian pub were already in place at the time of William IV 's death in 1837 .
2 There was a sad sequel when Combermere , who was in third place at the time , shattered a hind leg on landing over the penultimate fence and had to be destroyed .
3 The inspector was standing in a public place at the time , and of course this message came up over the radios of all police officers on the Division …
4 She remembered that John 's only rehearsal place at the time was in a long room above a sundry warehouse in Lower Moseley Street .
5 On the one hand , the Church of England had managed to insult and harass its lesbian and gay members ( it is not known how many left in disgust ) , and had helped to justify to the public the upsurge in homophobic discrimination and violence which was taking place at the time .
6 The JDS has to apply the regulations in place at the time of the alleged offence , Institute professional conduct director Brian Harris said .
7 The windows were also provided with louvred shutters which could be removed and stored when not in use ; these shutters may have been in place at the time of capture .
8 So there is a negative segregation against difficult or disturbed sufferers , taking place at the time of the assessment .
9 I did point out that you were supposed to have been in another place at the time … ’
10 A key aspect of the methodology used to estimate population trends was the assumption that policies in place at the time of the analysis would continue .
11 That is the two hundred million that I was referring to er , earlier , was n't in place at the time that we made our write there .
12 Adequate safety measures stipulated by the Indian government were not in place at the time of the accident , according to the documents , which state that the accident was due to " sheer negligence " .
13 Mansell , in sixth place at the time , tagged the wall in turn nine with nine laps to go .
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