Example sentences of "place at the [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Reading or writing ( using BGET# , BPUT# , INPUT# or PRINT# ) takes place at the current position of the pointer .
2 Reading or writing , using INPUT# and PRINT# , ( and BGET# and BPUT# — explained later ) , takes place at the current position of the pointer .
3 In the limit when R = 0 , α is zero and undamped continuous oscillation takes place at the resonant pulsatance .
4 Experiments in electrical recording continued , but the most significant research took place at the Western Electric laboratories in New York .
5 After lunch I recrossed the road to the newsagents , and took my place at the wailing wall of the pornography section .
6 The various experiments taking place at the present time in the use of graded tests ( for example in the Borough of Croydon ) tend to show that this form of examination would , in all kinds of ways , be preferable to the system we have .
7 There are relevant stair er Chairman which you can look out of place at the present moment of time but they will need to be addressed at some point in time in the future and therefore one could be forgiven for wanting to prioritise various but in general terms , the strategy that has been er looked at is the progress of St Albans in general , there may be small elements of it and some of these have already touched upon but in general that is no sound strategy er which over a period of time and in the process of that it will be essential to monitor erm the effect of some of the changes as you go forward to see in fact whether the other elements of strategy that were erm put in to that er work were in fact still necessary and whether they should be have some .
8 THE revels that once took place at the New Year turned everything base over apex .
9 THE annual Quality Circle Leaders ' Conference takes place at the New Victoria Theatre , Newcastle-under-Lyme , on 21 July .
10 Pride of place at the new gallery goes to a tapestry woven by Macintyre residents at Great Holm in Milton Keynes .
11 It is good to be able to record that the Senior Elder , despite his recent illness , was able to take his traditional place at the traditional place at the religious book stall .
12 Machine Knitting classes in Northumberland take place at the following times and venues .
13 Organised displays are taking place at the following sites .
14 Aldershot Recreation Ground might be a ghost stadium at the moment , but there will be plenty of football activity there over the next few weeks , with various Aldershot & District League finals taking place at the traditional venue .
15 It is good to be able to record that the Senior Elder , despite his recent illness , was able to take his traditional place at the traditional place at the religious book stall .
16 Under a residual value system , prevention typically takes place at the tertiary level : work with children and families in imminent danger of separation , often through court proceedings .
17 The presentation — by Shadow Housing spokesman John Battle — took place at the prestigious Savile Club in London .
18 A TALENTED North-East teenager has won a place at the prestigious National Youth Theatre .
19 This year 's FIAC ( Foire internationale de l'art contemporain ) takes place at the Grand Palais from 24 October to 1 November .
20 This exhibition will take place at the International Convention Centre , Birmingham , on 28–30 April 1992 .
21 And and it is also perhaps distracted er attention from the interesting disagreements also taking place at the Labour party conference this week between the one more pushes , if I might describe them and the hard liners who believe you 've got to be radical .
22 The polo took place at the Khedivial Sports Club , or Gezira , as it was familiarly known , and the following afternoon found Owen walking dutifully about its spacious grounds with Jane Postlethwaite 's hand resting lightly on his arm .
23 A number of protests had taken place at the Soviet presence in the country , including an attack on Jan. 28 on the Soviet consulate in Krakow .
24 From that moment , I never doubted that God had put the right man , Vitalis , in the right place at the appropriate time .
25 Most Greek religious festivals occurred at or near full moon , but since they were associated with agricultural activities they had to take place at the appropriate times of the year .
26 This complex of elements and activities should be managed such that it ensures that the right product is available at the right price in the right place at the appropriate time to satisfy the needs of target customers in the chosen market segments .
27 Someone laid a spear or a piece of wood at the top of the steps whilst the hospitaller was at his usual place at the far end of the parapet walk , near Salt Tower . ’
28 If the operating company is to be sold , the disposal can take place at the holding company level .
29 They were invited in , and given a place at the Samain feastings , and they took part in the revelries and the banquets .
30 He rose , and restored his chair to its place at the neighbouring table .
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