Example sentences of "over a long [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 If a cat performs some very strange action — finds its way home over a long distance , predicts an earthquake , or senses the return of its owners when they are some distance from the house — then it is a challenge for us to try and find out which particular sensory pathway was involved .
2 ‘ Thoroughbreds will always be able to catch up in a race over a long distance .
3 She was still wearing her Sunday clothes , black coat over a long dress , with matching gloves , hat and bag ; every Sunday she remembered those dear to her who had died — every Sunday she mourned .
4 If they can learn to sustain this over a long while , The La 's would be world-shakers .
5 Resuming the A.87 at the Killilan junction , the road now turns between banks ablaze with gorse and enters the populated environs of Dornie , bypassing the separate community of Ardelve and reaching the village over a long road bridge .
6 The war had been over a long time .
7 This is clearly not the case where some very frail old people are concerned but reciprocity can be viewed over a long time scale .
8 The child who uses goed or comed is guilty of over-generalisation , while in sign the use of repetition to convey occurrence over a long time would be appropriate in WAIT-WAIT-WAIT , meaning ‘ wait for ages ’ but not in KEEP-KEEP-KEEP , where it would probably mean to ‘ keep three ’ things rather than to ‘ keep over time ’ .
9 ‘ This success has been achieved as a result of the hard work by LASMO 's staff and its partners over a long time .
10 The trees were found to exhibit three types of phenology : ( i ) low fruit production over a long time ( usually pioneers ) ; ( ii ) synchronous but irregular fruiting ( associated with predator satiation of rodents , the seeds being larger than those in ( i ) ; and ( iii ) synchronous regular cycles with successive and partly overlapping fruit production ( providing a year-round supply for the frugivores ) .
11 ‘ I told you , that was over a long time ago . ’
12 The second would be at the City Airport , where BA might offer attractive low fares , sustainable over a long time period by cross-funding from their worldwide profitable operation .
13 And the two of them working together over a long time , they would work
14 Now , now it would 've been easier for you , the , the part that you missed out which would have brought all that in to play would have been how much do you want to pay , do you wan na pay a , a small amount over a long time or a big amount over a short time and then that would 've brought that into play .
15 There is thus a tendency to build up a strong personal relationship over a long time , and slick high-pressure selling techniques are unlikely to be of much help .
16 Over a long time now
17 Her most recent purchase — a transparent black coat over a long wrap skirt from Jigsaw , topped off with a dramatic black hat from La Beau Chapeau in Belfast — is destined for a wedding , and gives her the look of a modern day Mary Poppins in mourning .
18 Although Kraemer and Roberts ( 1984 ) were able to demonstrate an apparent loss of latent inhibition over a long retention interval using chocolate milk as the CS , no effect was apparent when saccharin was used .
19 imply a steady state system or over a long term and if over the long term the rate of addition of material to the sea is equalled by the rate of removal .
20 So they will need to look for a company that is reliable and responsible over a long term , and offers a variety of ancillary services . ’
21 I think there 's a danger , if we keep surveying a wide range over a long term , you end up by not moving forward very quickly in a particular direction .
22 His collections , put together painstakingly by himself over a long lifetime , and including large quantities of newscuttings , ephemera , overlapping narrative autobiography and correspondence , came to the British Museum ( as it then was ) through his family .
23 Christmas puddings , jars of mincemeat , bunches of holly , fruit , nuts , table-mats , serviette-rings and dozens of other useful little articles they had made carefully and patiently were spread over a long trestle table in the hall .
24 Other types of skin cancer are associated with continued exposure to the sun over a long period .
25 Thus you will already be aerobically fit , that is able to sustain a relatively low work-load over a long period .
26 Ethnographic research has special qualities suited to dealing with controversial topics in sensitive locations , for it entails a gradual and progressive contact with respondents , which is sustained over a long period , allowing a rapport to be established slowly with respondents over time , and for researchers to participate in the full range of experiences involved in the topic .
27 The best businesses over a long period of time have been the ones with a single thrust .
28 Iron fittings could replace wooden components gradually , allowing major alterations to take place over a long period .
29 Had this apparently contradictory programme been worked out over a long period , it might have seemed more logical .
30 Thus , over a long period of time , stone , glass and metals acquire a distinctive patina which the faker must try and imitate .
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