Example sentences of "over a [noun sg] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Anyway , whether that 's the reason or not , over a depth of about a metre of deposit there is really quite rapid changes in these populations .
2 But delays over a decision about the nature of the contract meant the deadline for tenders was postponed to February 24 .
3 There was a major outcry in early February over a decision by officials of the Foreign Affairs and Interior ministries to allow George Habash , the leader of the radical Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine ( PFLP ) , to enter France on Jan. 29 for medical treatment .
4 The earlier row was over a decision by magistrates in Aylesbury to let two offendors wipe out a thousand pounds in fines by spending a few hours in police cells .
5 He saw it break its flight over a dell between the dunes , soar vertically and then head off at an angle .
6 To reach the sixteenth green from the championship tee required a full driver over a lake of 230 yards .
7 The need for more staff time to organize training , or a member of staff specifically employed to organize/co-ordinate training , was mentioned by over a quarter of all authorities ( see Table 25 ) :
8 Hong Kong 's Victoria Harbour is used by over a quarter of a million ships a year .
9 ANGRY councillors demanded the resignation of two senior officials over a row with Powergen .
10 A TENANT accused of threatening to kill his landlady and her family over a row about a broken gas meter was yesterday cleared at Teesside Crown Court .
11 A COMMITTEE chairwoman has quit over a row about postal votes at a Darlington community centre .
12 The lips were drawn back over a row of small pointed teeth in a ghastly grimace , a shriek of pain or terror .
13 Signe 's apartment was in a small block built over a row of shops .
14 It is thrust northwards over a zone including metasediments with K-Ar dates of 365–345 Ma ( Late Devonian or Early Carboniferous ) .
15 Standing exactly where Mao Tse-tung proclaimed the People 's Republic of China on 1 October 1949 , paramount leader Deng Xiaoping joined other party leaders atop the Gate of Heavenly Peace to preside over a night of fireworks and martial music in Tiananmen Square .
16 If so , this piece of Leicestershire landscape is the product of various forces over a space of four hundred years .
17 couple of things we saw each other and then over a space of about two months we saw each other probably about three times
18 Progress does not have a financial stake in Object Design as reported ( UX No 420 ) — confusion seems to have arisen over a plan under which Progress may take over all rights to Object Access .
19 FEARS were voiced last night over a plan by the North-Eastern Co-Op to build a £9.5m superstore and housing development in Middlesbrough .
20 My shorts were distributed over a half-acre of plants in the sharp silvery light of this place , in the form of white balls , fibrous globs .
21 Over a soundtrack of appropriate chart hits , unidentified teenagers talked about coming to terms with their own sexuality .
22 At this gain the noise level of the instrument can be seen in quiet periods to be approximately 10 gamma — 15 gamma over a bandwagon of the order of 0.3Hz , reasonable enough for serious studies .
23 Lay a bed of mortar over a base of gravel or fine hardcore .
24 One attractive alternative to brushing bronzing powder on your cheeks is cream blusher : blend it in well with your fingertips over a base of tinted moisturiser , then dust any areas prone to shine with powder .
25 ‘ I have taken to colour like a new lover , ’ he pronounced unconvincingly over a cappuccino in the sparse urban palazzo that doubles as his office and town house .
26 The accretion process spins up the neutron star to millisecond periods over a timescale of 10 7 –10 8 yr , and , when mass transfer ceases , the system consists of a millisecond pulsar in a circular orbit with a low-mass companion .
27 However , this too was called off at the last minute , apparently because of opposition outrage over a massacre at Mbuji-Mayi in central Zaire .
28 Most use a vibrating diaphragm over a chamber with one-way valves , to take air in from the room and pump it out to the tank .
29 Too much sunlight might impress upon me the idea of how much more agreeable it would be out of doors rather than hunched over a sheet of almost blank paper .
30 Jezrael swung herself breathless over a bar of rock and down into the wind-shadow of a huge erratic that faced the sharp-cut sunrise .
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