Example sentences of "'ve been up to " in BNC.

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1 Wait until he knows what else you 've been up to ! ’
2 I 've been up to my eyes in mannequins and haute couture . ’
3 Then he admitted as he shovelled manure at a tree-planting ceremoney in his Huntingdon constituency : ‘ It occurs to me I 've been up to my neck in this stuff for the last month . ’
4 ‘ D' you mind tellin' me what you 've been up to all day ? ’ demanded Dolly .
5 Right , that over , report on what you 've been up to and the condition of your ankle . ’
6 ‘ I 've been up to my ears , ’ he says .
7 ‘ And you 're lucky to get that , given what you 've been up to , ’ Sylvie said coldly .
8 I know what you 've been up to .
9 Well the , the er the Guilds I can speak now because I 've been up to a higher level , I 've been on the section and Birmingham is a very big area .
10 You 've been up to something .
11 What that basically means , wherever that happens anywhere else in the country , you go to South Wales , you go to West Lothian , places like that I 've been up to West Lothian , all services are reduced when your main industry 's removed from an area .
12 I 'd like to hear what you 've been up to . ’
13 ‘ Jesus Christ almighty , Zen , what the hell do you think you 've been up to ? ’
14 Your not waiting till you 've been up to London .
15 Oh you 've been up to Joe 's have you mum ?
16 I 've been up to church .
17 See she , she came around cos erm I 've been up to her , her friends place to and give him a bit of a telling off like and that and erm she came to John 's house and I said , why are calling ?
18 What you 've been up to too ?
19 I do n't know , if you 're like me but , I must confess , I I get er , I would n't say pleasure , but I rather like those incidents where he tells the disciples off , not because he 's telling them off , but because I can fit in wi with what they 've been up to !
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