Example sentences of "'ve been [adv] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 I 've been here for some time .
2 I 've been here for about a week now . ’
3 I 've been here for years and this is the first conversation I 've had with a human for simply ages .
4 God Almighty , Nan , I 've been here for the past two hours without knowing hair nor hide of you . ’
5 ‘ But we 've been here for thousands of years !
6 She said , ‘ I 've been here for three weeks , I have n't seen one movie star until now , ’ and she came over and got my autograph .
7 We 've been here for six months .
8 Well , Jim , I 've been here for three years , and no real food from that day to this .
9 Although I 've been here for a long time , I 've got my house , got my family here , I 've got comfortable living , although not er luxurious but er normal standard , better standard than I could have in India .
10 Masklin said we 've been here for thousands of years .
11 I 've been here for nearly a year now . ’
12 Now please tell me if I 'm keeping you , I know I 've been here for a very long time
13 but it cuts across , no there there comes a point where the of this world say oh am I allowed to do this , am I allowed to do that if you 've been here for more than three years right and it 's particularly prevalent in Scotland , oh are we allowed to do that , oh I did n't know and that 's old that is. old to a certain extent you know , she 's been around longer than has and been around but influenced by who 's been around a long time you see that 's where we get it , you see we do n't get the initiative coming in that area we get we get the oh Christ , bloody hell let's shove that one out the way that 's a national account .
14 ‘ I 've been here for six months . ’
15 ‘ So you 've been here for two years , ’ teased Tony as she looked for her key and opened the door , ‘ and still no boyfriend ? ’
16 It 's a shame for shopkeepers … we 've been here for three years and have always done an excellent job for them .
17 Actually , we 've been here for 5 days already , but things have been a bit hectic .
18 Because we 've been here for the discussion .
19 and they were such a load of dicks when we first met , you know , and they 're just like trying to impress all the time and now I mean you 've been here for , what , a year and , year and a bit and
20 Mr Chatfield , you 've been here for , well , as you say , thirty five years — what was it like in the old days before the university was put here ?
21 How has it been for yourself , obviously you 've been here with your children , your husband 's been away for more than a month , in Iraq , there must have been er terrible thoughts going through you mind at certain times ?
22 ‘ I 've been here since 8am , and nothing .
23 I 'm , I 'm asking , I 've been here since Saturday
24 ‘ I 've been here since the end of April , ’ Lynnette replied .
25 Er , that 's alright , let's behave ourselves , I says what about us , we 've been here since quarter to ten waiting for you to come .
26 Oh , they 've been here about a few years now .
27 After all you 've been here over a fortnight .
28 Even the validity of many of the ‘ I 've been here before ’ experiences is rather doubtful as , with the growth of television and cinema , we have all seen so many places which we may later come to visit .
29 You 've been here before me , have n't you ?
30 They 've been here before us .
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