Example sentences of "'ve been [verb] to " in BNC.

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1 We 've been writing to each other for eight years but had never met until this year .
2 ‘ I 've been asked to dinner by one of the neighbours . ’
3 They 've bought up two hundred thousand tonnes of the crop … and they 've been asked to fork out for another two hundred fifty thousand tonnes .
4 " I 've been proving to Graham I really did have some wine and it smashed . "
5 Seems we 've been beaten to the week 's top rock'n'roll scoop yet again by The Star 's ever-incisive pop columnist LINDA DUFF .
6 Our two white heavies are too big for the straight-back chairs they 've been tied to .
7 I 've been tied to older people , my father … riveted to him .
8 " I 've been invited to a dance . "
9 Cavell says you 've been invited to the awards ceremony , and she 's asked the organisers to seat us together .
10 Yeah , I attended , I used to run an A T C squad , well I used to run the two different ones in London , and A T C squadrons , and I must say I 've been invited to the last two open nights .
11 She said , ‘ I 'm sure you 've been invited to the wedding next week . ’
12 ‘ I 've been invited to a party next weekend .
13 And just finally , on Friday we are in to the we 've been invited into a bags competition , you know , that 's after the bags actually means bookmakers afternoon greyhound services , and we race that every Friday as you know erm anyway we 've been invited to erm a national championship involving the other bags tracks that erm involved in this erm and so we stage our two heats on Friday .
14 ‘ I 've been sentenced to death .
15 We have found the leaks , and we have connected all , we have reconnected all of the er supplies , including a supply to the cathedral field , which has never been billed in the past er because of erm damage to their meter , it 's only used twenty seven gallons but twenty seven litres , but whilst I 've been here , it 's a water meadow from the result of the water that we 've been supplying to that particular field .
16 Today I 've been thinking to myself , I 've only got the sleeves to put in that dress — when am I going to have the time to do it' ?
17 So , you know what these girls are , they sort of I personally , you know , as it were a trained scientist , a certified chemist who you tend to , to take a , a slightly er diagnostic view of things , but that 's not quite right , but you take a slightly objective view of things and I , I , I , I 've been thinking to myself ah it is rotten unfair on girls because sometimes sort of between about fifteen and twenty five , but now I suppose because they 're all growing up so much earlier it 's between ten and twenty , they have a pretty monumental change , they , and , and it 's not a bundle of laughs but they can talk to their friends , they can see their friends and talk to their mothers , they can get a vague way it 's gon na affect them and they can you know , sort of , let's say twenty , twenty five settle into a routine which has variations every , during the four weeks and they vary between individuals , I mean it 's well known
18 The only county-wide survey , the one of importance to you ma'am is contained within the North Yorkshire Conservation Strategy of which I think you 've been referred to already .
19 For white middleclass males , however , pride and dignity has little resonance , when all your life you 've been trained to be aspirational and competitive .
20 Directly you go ashore have a bath , send everything you 've been wearing to the laundry , and wash your hair .
21 ‘ So you 've been chatting to the Earl of Ferngrove , Jill ! ’
22 I 've been trying to be a footballer , and that is n't me .
23 As you 're aware , we 've been trying to or organize this sort of open forum , engineering in the house in September
24 I 've got a trainee manager at the moment and I 've been trying to he 's just making such a balls up it 's easier not to .
25 I 've been trying to .
26 We 've been trying to .
27 For twelve months , I 've been trying to er , when I realised that that was put on my cleaning bill , it seemed to be so unfair that the little ol and the lady who , up till now has has cleaned for me , because the home help service , no longer just does cleaning .
28 So I 've been trying , I 've been trying to sort of , I I was arguing saying , I do n't think that 's true .
29 This County Council failed to do it from the time , time it was formed until eighty-five ; it failed even to address the problem , never mind do it , and we 've been trying to , to sort of do some catching up .
30 And then , secondly t to just sort of mention the erm perhaps the more traditional ways of of working with people once they 've been sent to you by the courts .
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