Example sentences of "'ve just [be] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ We 've just been through all that !
2 ‘ We 've just been through a decade where we watched surface responsibility get peeled away from a lot of people and institutions . ’
3 Yeah I 've just been through there .
4 ‘ I think it does have something to do with drugs , because if you look at all those Spiral Tribe people who 've just been on E for so long , y'know ?
5 My dear , we 've just been on the most shattering binge in North Africa . ’
6 I 've just been at a two day conference at erm not very far from here , at Wisden House in which erm a number of erm top industrialists erm led by the former chairman of I C I have all unanimously been saying how bad they think it is for our future technological development and export development if overseas students get out of the habit of coming here .
7 People ring up about the match they 've just been to and complain or say who they think should be the next England manager , etc .
8 I 'VE just been to court for the first time in my life at 74 , because my local council said I owed them £63 for my wife 's poll tax during 1991–92 .
9 Yeah , okay , I 've just been to Asda so kids are on the way to put the bits of shopping in the van , alright , cos I got 'em some cereal and some bread and I 'll bring up the toaster , they can take the toaster with 'em for a while and oh there is , is there ?
10 We 've just been to Nursery .
11 No , we 've just been to B and M Bargains , Lyndsey said , oh God !
12 I 've just been to the physio before I came here .
13 ‘ I 've just been with Michael Stein in Immigration .
14 Bet it 's all cos Nick is n't down there or something , no you 've just been with Nick .
15 ‘ I 've just been into the village to post a letter .
16 ‘ At parties , if people ask what you 've been doing and you tell them that you 've just been around the world , it stops the conversationd ead . ’
17 Well , I 've just been round the tents and Lyons are hopping mad !
18 That 's that actually I 'll do I 'll do th no I 've just been round most of those .
19 We 've just been in discussions with the manufacturers and we actually but we 're hoping to get a discount on that in the near future so we 're hoping the cost of that will come down .
20 I 've just been in the library , studying some of the books you recommended .
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