Example sentences of "'ve just [verb] to " in BNC.

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1 They 've just turned to the zone game after generations of the sweeper system .
2 If you 've just moved to a new area a good way to break the ice for you and your child is a parent and toddler group .
3 And then there 's this technician or something here and they ask me to breathe in helium from a mask and make me repeat some of the things gorilla man said on the video so I feel like I 'm becoming him they 're trying to make me him ; I do n't think I sound the same as the guy on the brain-snuff video but fuck knows what they think there are too many to know what the fuck they think ; loads of them , officers from all over the fucking place with different accents , London , Midlands , Welsh , Scottish , elsewhere , God knows , it 's not just Flavell and McDunn though I still see them now and again especially McDunn who looks at me kind of weird most of the time like he ca n't really believe it was me did all these things and I get this bizarre feeling that he thinks I 'm kind of pathetic I mean that in a grudging , still-determined-to-bust-the-fucker way he actually has more respect for gorilla man than he does for me because I 've just gone to pieces under the questions and the things they put in my head with those photographs and that video ( ha which means gorilla man has already put stuff into my head , already has fucked my brains , filling my head with the idea of that , the vision , the meme of that ) and I thought I was some tough cookie but I was wrong I 'm just a dunked digestive baby I 'm soft I 'm flopping I 'm disintegrating and that 's why unless I 'm the best fucking actor he 's ever seen McDunn ca n't accept I was capable of the things gorilla man did , yet so much of the evidence , especially the dates and times that sort of stuff , points at me not to mention that piece of TV-crit I did that reads like a hit-list now .
4 ‘ I hope you 're grateful for all the trouble I 've just gone to , ’ he said .
5 But it is n't because I 've just said to you several times that one point two billion for a single franchise is absolutely ridiculous .
6 I 've spoken to Angela and Angela said , just alter the week numbers on the , on your P forty five , but as I 've just said to Neil if I do that , that is gon na throw it out for year end when I give you yo your green slip .
7 so you close him on his final objection , you listen , you then sell him his objection , right , you sell him his objection , right , you confirm his answer , right , whatever he says to you and his answer you actually confirm it back to him , you do n't interrupt him , right , you do n't guess where he 's at , right and basically if work through a system you 'll get on there , now for me to be able to , to , to , what I 've just said to you is a load of garbage , but if I was sitting I was sitting actually go through each one of these steps and that 's what you term as a closing sequence , you see what I mean ?
8 As I say , I er well I 've just said to you , I mean er we sell forty odd quids worth to blokes .
9 Is the implication of what you 've just said to the Chairman that you agree with Mr Allenby that this animal is a different one than anything that might go to an I five site ?
10 I 've just seen to it that .
11 It 's for those reasons , sir , that the City Council feels that it can no longer support the proposed proposals for new settlement , just to come to your question about the issue of scale , I am not able to define what er small is in P P G three , it 's obviously been left deliberately vague , but I would draw your attention to the Ucwetec T P A study I 've just referred to which makes it quite clear in their terms that to be self contained in transport terms the nearest any settlement ne really needs to be in excess of twenty thousand people .
12 as far as the committee was concerned there is they 've taken a decision on the preferred route , but we did as I 've just referred to in the earlier work , er we did assess that erm and that showed again er that the traffic would n't transfer from the A sixty one onto a southern bypass and a inner northern relief road .
13 And you 've just go to generally in single sex conversation it follows the model .
14 An interesting situation which I 've just explained to Ann , whereby at the weekend there 's a set of offices in the Strand Theatre which the company that we 're operating from there so stopped
15 Okay is there anybody else that you would need to talk to about the recommendations that I 've just given to you ?
16 When they get hold of me twice in the one day you say hang on I 've just given to you the bus !
17 I 've just walked to school for fucking nuffink I have n't got a lesson
18 oh Barbados , but we have to seen if their teletext if they let us do , but I 've just talked to Jamaican people and they said their , their friend he got some contact wanting some order , then later on this lady says no it 's best thing to do go
19 ‘ As I 've just proved to you .
20 There 's no other door , and the only person who uses that door is the man I 've just described to you .
21 Sorry , they did tell us that , that the whole costing of the scheme was going to be ninety thousand pounds , it was going to cost ninety thousand , just to do what we 've , yes , what I 've just described to you .
22 But I spoke to Alex today , and he confirmed what I 've just described to you . ’
23 What I 've just described to you is a full and complete contract .
24 ‘ Er , we 've just spoken to them , really , ’ says Granville , who , along with Paul , represents the band 's Yorkie element .
25 We 've just spoken to a bloke who 's into us and would be really interested in doing something . ’
26 I 've just spoken to Megan .
27 ‘ I 've just spoken to Ted , who took those women into the bush .
28 And you 've just spoken to him have you ?
29 I 've just spoken to Michael .
30 Hello , it 's Mrs here , I 've just spoken to the other lady making a booking for three twin rooms .
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